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Interview: Suman Mulumudi, creator of Steth IO iPhone case that doubles as a stethoscope

Steth IO by Suman Mulumudi

A few weeks back we showed you one of the most innovative technology by a teenager that uses iPhone as a stethoscope. The Steth IO case for smartphone, developed by Suman Mulumudi who unearthed the hidden capability of iPhone’s microphone to detect heart beats very precisely, can even better a stethoscope. So we had to get an interview done with this ingenious kid who is on the course of making the most tech savvy stethoscope that you could ever imagine of. A stethoscope that is actually your iPhone case. So read on for what Suman had to say about our inquisitive queries and you’ll surely be amazed by his intellect.

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Smartphone compatible peak flow meter for asthma patients

Smartphone compatible My Spiroo Peak flow meter

Being an asthma patient you very well know the problems that accompany this ailment. Checking the air passing through lungs using peak flow meter and assessing the allergens that can trigger bronchial attack. All this can be a real hassle, and at the end of the day doesn’t help much, rather than giving you a momentary analysis as these are just mechanical tools with no capability to analyze the reading over time. Dr. Lukasz Koltowski and Peter Bajtala however, are all set to change that with their smartphone compatible peak flow meter named My Spiroo.
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GlySens ICGM – Noninvasive glucose monitoring sensor makes you forget about diabetes

GlySens ICGM System glucose monitoring system

When we talk about diabetes, there are lot of problems that come along with it. The foremost being the hassle of monitoring the blood glucose level by pricking the finger for blood. Or maybe even the latest implanted sensors that require frequent calibration and replacement. To get over this basic problem with diabetes related care, GlySens is working on quarter-sized glucose monitoring system that is implanted into patient’s body and works for over one year before needing replacement. GlySens ICGM System is one solution that will improve the lifestyle of diabetes patients as they won’t be required to take blood samples for keeping a check on their glucose levels. All they would need to do is monitor the glucose levels on a device that is paired with the sensors implanted in the body.
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Electronic skin – Health monitoring skin patch capable of administering drugs automatically

Wearable electronic skin patch for health monitoring

Korean researchers have developed a wearable sensor device called Electronic Skin which is capable of monitoring and treating muscle disorders in people suffering from Parkinson or epilepsy. This wearable health monitoring device looks like a small adhesive bandage that has nano-circuitry embedded over it. As described in a paper published on this nanotechnology monitor, this small adhesive bandage can be worn on the wrist, as it continuously monitors physiological activity for one week and then the medication embedded in a silica interface is automatically administered through this flexible electronic device by diffusion-driven release of drug molecules through the skin. The silicon nanomemebrane sensors detect changes in electrical resistance to indicate a fast tremor or certain problem with the patient wearing it.
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3D printed skull saves a woman’s life in Netherlands

3D printed skull

In an unbelievable turn of events, medical science and cutting edge manufacturing technology joined hands to save a young woman’s life. 22 year old woman (name not disclosed) from Netherlands was suffering from a chronic bone disorder that resulted in her skull getting thick by 1.5cm to 5cm, thereby causing painful headaches and problems with eyesight. So the best solution though out by neurosurgeons at the University Medical Centre Utrecht was to replace her top part of the skull with a 3D printed implant that provided her relief from the ongoing suffering.
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Evena Eye-On smart glasses will allow medics to see through skin

Evena Eye-On smart glasses

We have harped about glasses with built-in HUD cameras, and we have prattled about glasses with smartphone displays. However, this is surely the first time we have come across glasses that make human skin transparent! Designed by Evena Medical, the contraption is better known as the Evena Eye-On smart glasses. So, what does the nifty scope entail? Well, as we mentioned before – the glasses offer their incredible skin-penetrating view; which makes it much easier for medical personnel to locate our veins when injecting syringes. In fact, the Evena Eye-On is a portable extension of the company’s previous device, which had a problem with usability due to its cumbersome size.

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Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix breast implant will prevent after surgery complications

Breast implant

Breast implants will now come loaded with technology to help women identify early signs of fake or dangerous material used as Establishment Labs, Florida & Belgium based company is out with their new silicone breast implant called Motiva Implant Matrix Ergonomix with VeriTeQ’s Q Inside Safety Technology. The breast implant will come loaded with radio frequency identification (RFID) microchip that is capable of identifying and warning the user about any unauthorized material used. This is in response to the outrage created by due to French company using unapproved silicone fillers in their breast implants, putting many unassuming women at risk as the implant ruptured inside the breast.
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Robotic prosthetic arm with touch sensitive aesthetics

Touch sensitive prosthetic hand

Life is never easy for an amputee and although researchers and innovative thinkers have been trying for decades to mimic god’s code they are left quite a few steps away from this goal. For example the mind-controlled prosthetic leg(s) by Long Beach Veterans Affairs Medical Center in California and Michael Goldfarb are quite intuitive giving a person who has lost his/her leg a chance to at least have some sense of free walking. On similar lines University of Chicago is on a quest for making a touch sensitive prosthetic limb that would come a feather’s distance away from the god’s code. This touch-sensitive prosthetic limb will give real time sensory information to amputee with a direct link to the brain itself. To do this their first step is to create an arm restoration sensory motor because brain sends the signal to the arm and in the same way the arm sends back the signal to brain.
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Canine tooth gives back lost vision to patients

Osteo Odonto Kerato Prosthetsis surgery using patients teeth

A general notion is that teeth are nothing more than but a tool to chew food and occasional bite someone. But there is more to teeth than just this age old primitive function. They can be a life saver in terms of bringing back a damaged organ like an eye. Yes that is true and the technique to do so is quite innovative as it uses body’s inherent function to make an eye that is fully capable of seeing just as a normal eye would do. Medical science has made many advancements and we have some of the greatest examples of how your tooth can give second life to people with lost vision using an innovative surgical technique.
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