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PillBox: World’s first modular pill dispenser for individuals and healthcare organizations

Pillbox medication dispenser_1

Keeping a track of the right pills to take can be a bit of hassle for elderly who are suffering from multiple problems. Especially when it is about taking multiple pills at specified times of the day. To counter this problem, a Polish startup company dr Pocket has come-up with PillBox, a smart med dispenser which connects to your new age gadgets. The pill dispenser is unlike any other pill dispenser as it has a central control unit which needs to be filled with all the medicines, and it automatically dispenses the right pill at the right time.
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Amputee gets a gesture controlled robotic prosthetic arm

Johns Hopkins University Myo controlled prosthetic arm

Researchers at the Johns Hopkins University have used the awesome muscle sensing Myo armband to control a robotic prosthetic arm – turning the prosthetic arm into a gesture controlled arm that works without electronics. Using the prosthetic arm and the Myo armband, patients can control the arm as they think.  A pair of Myo armbands is used on the upper arm, which detects electric impulses in the arm muscles to wirelessly transmit them to a computer nearby. The computer understands these movements and commands the connected prosthetic arm to execute the task. Watch Myo controlled prosthetic arm in action below.  Read More…

Ibuprofen skin patch delivers consistent drug for 12 hours of pain-relief

Ibuprofen patch medicinal drug_2

Ibuprofen has been used as a medicine for relief from chronic pain, inflammatory conditions or arthritis for some many years. First there were the good old medicines and then came the gel version which could be applied to the affected area. Now making a technological upgrade to the non-invasive way in which ibuprofen can be administered is this tattoo like medical patch.
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Accutab Personal Pillbox: Apple Watch compatible pill dispenser won’t let you forget medication

Accutab Personal Pillbox pill dispenser compatible with smartwatches

Accutab Personal Pillbox pill dispenser compatible with smartwatches

Now that people have got their hands on the much anticipated Apple Watch, it isn’t surprising that there is going to be influx of accompanying accessories too. Boston-based e-pill Medication Reminders has come up with Accutab Personal Pillbox, the world’s first pill box for smartwatches. The device is designed by an arthritis patient, and it is best suited for elderly or people who have the habit of forgetting to take medication on time.
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How smartphones and wearable technology are influencing medical science

Wearable technology medical science and mobile devices

Gone are the days when we relied on medical practitioners for acquainting ourselves with knowledge on any kind of medical problem. Let alone any guidance on medical problems, now the pendulum is fast shifting towards technology aided healthcare. With mobile devices like smartphones at your disposal, getting medical diagnosis and medical treatment is going to be more than just a consultation with the doctor.

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Wearable gadget that numbs pain without any invasive methods

NeuroMetrix Quell wearable gadget

NeuroMetrix has announced that at CES 2015 they will release Quell, a wearable pain relief device which is similar to the Unilife Injectors in a way. This wearable gadget will neutralize chronic pain without any non-invasive methods courtesy the neurostimulation technology. NeuroMetrix can be worn without any discomfort during the day and night time too making it a very feasible method to track the pain therapy being employed for any particular ailment.
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Unilife Wearable Injectors ensure hassle-free drug dosage for ailments

Unilife Wearable Injector

Wearable injectors with programmable injection system

Wearable technology in now going to come as a boon for people who have to take timed injections and administered dosage of drugs for certain medical ailment. Unilife has come-up with a line of Ready ToGo injectors which cling onto body of the patient via an on-body safety interlock equipped with an electronic user interface. To make the self-administered injectors accessible to users worldwide, Unilife has teamed-up with Sanofi to make these new-age wearable injectors available for all to use.
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FDA approved Smart Pill monitors body functions for proactive healthcare

Proteus Digital Health Smart pill

Digestible pills with embedded computer chip could be the future of medical applications to track patient’s health with utmost precision and register any signs of major health issues at initial stages. The pill developed by Proteus Digital Health a.k.a Digital health feedback system, has magnesium and copper that is powered by body fluid, and activates as soon as it reaches your stomach. This pill is used for tracking overall body health, sleep patterns, heart rate, temperature and other information vital in determining a person’s overall wellness.
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Med Vault – Pill dispensing device that prevents over dosage and abuse of drugs

Med Vault Pill dispensing device

Drug overdose due to addiction is a major concern these days and to curb this problem a group of students from Brigham Young University have developed a new age pill dispenser that stops any such motives. The tamper proof medicine regulation device called Med Vault only dispenses painkillers based on the pharmacist’s instructions and in no way permits over dosage by the patient. The device is capable of dispensing any kind or size of pill and has to be connected to a computer via the USB port so that an authorized pharmacist can access and load the pills into the dispenser. The software created for this pill dispensing device is used by the pharmacist to specify how many and at what time the pills can be dispensed by the user.

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Measure your blood glucose levels in 5 seconds using CareSens N POP

Won’t it be great if you could measure your blood glucose levels yourself without the need to go to a testing lab in your area? It surely will as it saves time and the hassle of waiting for reports. I-SENS Inc. today has released a self-monitoring blood glucose meter called CareSens N POP which is the latest model of the CareSens N flagship brand. The results of the blood glucose level can be obtained in less than 5 seconds using this product and the LCD screen makes it easy to see the results in dark room ambiance too. To minimize the errors encountered at the time of measurement it also adds temperature display and notification function of the expiry strips.
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