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Swim trunk with hydrophobic nanotechnology repels any kind of liquid

Frank Anthony hydrophobic nanotechnology swim trunks

Next time you get wet in the swimming pool you won’t have to worry drying your shorts in the sun. Frank Anthony’s hydrophobic nanotechnology swimwear makes it possible as these shorts don’t soak water and in fact repel it for a ultra-dry feel. Not only water but these shorts repel any kind of liquid material including coffee, soda or fruit juice. Now that is some good news for people who are in the habit of spilling their drinks or have to stay in water for extended period of time for swimming or any other outdoor activities.
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Forget wallets, MJ Bale Power suit makes all your bill payments

Samurai suit by MJ Bale Power suit

There is no denying that wearable technology is the future, and the best implementation of it is in the clothes we wear. On the same lines Menswear retailer MJ Bale has come up with the world’s first men’s suit named as Samurai that is capable of making payments just with the flick of a wrist. Touted as the world’s most powerful suit by the makers, it has Visa payWave-accessible microchip embedded in the sleeve which functions just like a credit/debit card for making payments. So you could have a lavish dinner or shop for you loved ones, and to make payments, just flick your wrist in front of payment machine, now that is something straight out of the James Bond movie interpretations.
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