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Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR headset is inexpensive and lightweight

Lenovo VR headset

There’s no doubt, virtual reality is going to be the in thing at the Consumer Electronics Show this year. Just to tap into the market, Lenovo showed of its first VR headset – an unnamed prototype device that is designed to work with Microsoft Windows Holographic platform. The device Lenovo is working on is scheduled to be a relatively cheaper VR headset, in comparison to the likes of HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Read More…

LG will supply foldable displays to Apple, Google and Microsoft

LG Displays foldable

Samsung is almost ready with a foldable phone, and LG and a few other manufacturers are not far behind. But the news that broke out about LG developing foldable displays of OMEs like Apple, Google and Microsoft has given the world another reason the accept the future – future of foldable smart devices. According to reports LG Display has partnered with Apple, Microsoft and Google to develop ‘out foldable displays’ for smartphones, which should hit mass production in 2018. Read More…

Microsoft Surface Studio is bliss for creative people but it’s too expensive

Microsoft Surface Studio

When technology meets creativity, magic happens. That is exactly what Microsoft Surface Studio wants its user to experience. This all-in-one desktop PC is tailor-made for creative people and its debut came as a welcome surprise for people present at the product launch event in New York. Clearly, Microsoft is taking the fight to Apple Mac Pro with the Surface Studio.
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Microsoft’s Word Flow app makes one-handed typing a breeze on iOS devices

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard app_1

As smartphone users we all like to have a keyboard app which can make meaningful predictions and also feels smooth to use. There are many options in both App Store and Google Play to download such applications. The popular one being SwiftKey which Microsoft acquired last month for $250 Million. Now Microsoft Garage project has made another exciting announcement for iOS users in US. The silicon giant has announced Word Flow keyboard for free in the Apple Store and unlike any other app this one is indeed focused on productivity and ease of use.
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Microsoft Hololens shows the future of interactive sports viewing in livestream

Microsoft Hololens NFL mashup hologram

Holographic display and augmented reality are going to be the future of technology in the coming decade, just like the mobile devices have dominated this one. Taking a step into that future is Microsoft Hololens which mixes reality and holographic imaging together to turn them into visual treat for your eyes. To give you another peak into the future is Microsoft Hololens un-tethered holographic computer’s mashup with Super Bowl. This is a concept video which shows how the viewers will watch and interact with live sports right in their living room.
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Microsoft to launch Windows Phone Word Flow Keyboard for iPhone

Word_Flow_keyboard for iPhone

According to an email sent out to select Windows Insider testers, Microsoft could soon be looking to make its famed Word Flow Keyboard available for other OS platforms, beginning with iOS. The email does not suggest when the Word Flow will be released publically on iOS, but we learn Microsoft is already set to test the keyboard broadly on iOS, which suggests the innovative keyboard could be coming to the iPhone in coming months. The benefit of Word Flow keyboard is that it’s far more fluid, easy to use and more accurate than the default keyboard on iPhone. Read More…

Asus planning affordable Augmented Reality headset for 2016 launch

HoloLens - Asus developing augmented reality headset

Virtual reality headset market is heating up with each passing day. We are already aware of the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive making it to the shelves early next year; and the likes of Google Cardboard already giving us a sense of what to expect from the more sophisticated and expensive headsets. News has it now that Taiwanese PC manufacturer Asus is planning to release its own Augmented Reality headset, which should be released in 2016. According to Asus CEO Jerry Shen, Augmented Reality is going to be more useful than virtual reality – therefore, despite all the traction in the VR market, Asus will tap the more untouched AR market. Read More…

Microsoft Band 2 is slimmer, curvier and more fitness oriented

Microsoft Band 2

Alongside other devices such as Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book, Microsoft unveiled its refined Microsoft Band. Microsoft Band 2 which is the next version of the Microsoft Band we saw a few months back. The new model has a curved AMOLED display capped Corning Gorilla Glass 3. Designed to promote people to live healthier, the Microsoft Band 2 tracks heart rate, exercise regime, calories data and sleep quality to help wearer achieve their fitness goal. The Band also allows the wearer to be productive and send or receive emails and text and check for calendar alerts right on the wrist. Read More…

Microsoft Surface Book launched, compared with MacBook Pro

Microsoft Surface Book launched compared with MacBook Pro

At the Windows 10 devices event, Microsoft’s Surface and Lumia vice-president Panos Panay unveiled the Surface Book – Microsoft’s first ever laptop. The full power, ultra-thin laptop features a detachable screen for use as a tablet. Sporting a 13.5-inch PixelSense screen with 3,000 x 2,000 resolution at 267ppi, the display offers 3:2 aspect ratio and allows 10-point multitouch. The Surface Book has an 8-megapixel rear camera with 5-megapixel front-facing selfie camera. Read More…

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 announced, how it compares with iPad Pro

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft reiterates it’s not trying to be a hardware company, but recently announced playful hardware at Windows 10 devices event confirms Microsoft wants to have a share in the hardware profits that Apple munches the most for now. Microsoft pushed its contention in the hardware market with a flagship tablet, the Surface Pro 4. Pro 4, which isn’t very different to the eye from the Surface Pro 3 (most of us are familiar with) but it is thinner at 8.4 mm, weighs somewhat lighter at 1.69 pounds, features a slightly larger 1 2.3-inch display and comes with revamped specifications. Read More…