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Intel debuts Project Alloy VR headset at CES 2017

At the CES 2017, Intel demoed its in-the-works Project Alloy VR headset, which turns pre-scanned room furniture into a game scene in virtual reality. The idea of transforming real environment into virtual reality is something Intel is referring to as Mixed Reality. According to CEO Brian Krzanich, Intel is expected to provide this technology to VR manufacturers by the end of this year, since Intel wouldn’t be developing a headset itself. Read More…

BBC working on a holographic TV for the future

BBC holographic TV

Mixed reality is fast becoming the future of many applications owing to its ability to traverse you into a completely different world. Holographic technology is also an application of mixed reality where the user sees the mixed reality elements come to life in a 3D interface. BBC wants you TV to be the next holographic display in your living room, and that is what they are working on. Cyrus Saihan, head of digital partnerships at the BBC is working on this future-forward project.
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Google ditches VR, allegedly working on standalone AR headset


Google is working on some ambitious devices of late. Only recently the company revealed its Android-powered VR platform-based Daydream project – but the tech giant’s long term plans are far beyond virtual reality and pretty close to augmented reality. According to a report on Engadget (via Recode) Google has scrapped plans for a VR device, but claims, it is working on a high-end mixed reality headset that brings the good of augmented reality and VR to one single device. Read More…

Canon handheld display compliments MREAL System for Mixed Reality

Canon handheld display compliments MREAL System for Mixed Reality

Canon is making a handheld display for the MREAL System for Mixed Reality (MR) in showrooms, exhibitions and meeting presentations. The next-generation gadget amalgamates real world with virtual computer-generated images in real time for a new mixed reality environment. In addition to this, Canon has also developed new software that provides a different perspective from that of the display’s built-in cameras for accurate alignment precision between real-world visuals and digital data.
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