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Student designs Solar-powered Dress that charges your gadgets on the go

Solar powered dress that charges gadgets

Fusing wearable technology and environmentally-friendly energy harvesting resources is going to shape-up the future without a doubt. And those who invest their time and intellect in doing so will greatly help the human race in restoring planet Earth back to its original state. It is even more heartening when a high school student materializes a cool idea into reality, just like a Southview High School student did and landed herself into the international meeting in Maryland.
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Monohm Runcible – Smartphone that resembles a pocket watch

Monohm Runcible smartphone

These days if you go out to find a good smartphone, you’ll get a thousand options that will lure you. In this super crowded mobile device market there was a need for something that is out of the ordinary. This is Runcible, a Mozilla Firefox OS smartphone that is designed by Monohm (company based in Berkley, California), to look like a pocket watch. The minds behind this unique circular looking smartphone are Former Apple and Sony employees Aubery Anderson, Geroge Arriola and Jason Procter.
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Amulet Computational Jewelry connects seamlessly with fitness and health trackers

Amulet Computational Jewelry

Researchers from Clemson University and Darthmouth College have made computational jewelry that supports mobile health tracking applications from your wearable fitness devices and mobile devices. Called as Amulet Computational Jewelry, this wristband like device keep an extensive track of wearer’s physical activity and monitors overall body health. Not only that, the device is made in such a way that developers can create intuitive health applications that fit seamlessly into everyday life. They can develop apps that fully exploit the capabilities of your smartphone’ hardware and constricts the gap between the computing with a mobile device and wearable device.
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Kanex Sydnee can charge up to four tablets simultaneously

Kanex Sydnee

We have had our fair share of harping about classy iPhone stands and futuristic charging stations. But how about a contrivance that combines both the functions in terms of usage? Well, Kanex Sydnee is one such device that fits the bill, and it does with some glorious credentials. Envisaged as a rechargeable stand with a desktop charging station, the contraption can boisterously charge four mobile devices simultaneously (including smartphones, tablets and portable batteries). This ‘imposing task’ is achieved via an array of four high power USB ports, each with a maximum output of 2.1A.

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