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Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 is a rugged tablet packed with power

Panasonic Toughpad FZ-G1 ATEX_1

With businesses becoming more interested in durable computing products, rugged laptops and tablets have gone ‘more than ever competitive’ with their advanced features. The reliance of businesses on fully-rugged handheld devices helps them diversify, grow and achieve the right mobility even in those remote and environmentally challenging conditions. A rugged tablet runs as perfect as a desktop in demanding workplaces, withstanding those tough vibrations and extreme temperatures.
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Tablets are fast becoming choice device for mobile gaming

mobile gaming

Mobile gaming can be a lot confusing way to play at times. With the ever changing screen sizes of smartphones we see the screens increase, and sometimes decrease with every year’s release. This is often down to the designer’s whim for what is the latest style of phone. It is one reason that tablet is becoming the mobile gaming device of choice because they have almost the same standard size and screen to body ratio. Also, the big screen size means that you have the freedom to explore game interface in a better way.
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Samsung’s high-speed 256GB Universal Flash Storage for high-end smartphones

Samsung 256GB UFS

If your hunger for storage space on smartphone is never quenched, then Samsung has got some good news for you. The South Korean giant has announced its plan to mass produce world’s first 256GB Universal Flash Storage for upcoming mobile devices. This will mean unimaginable data transfer speeds, data storage capacity and small chip size comparable to microSD card. To give you a good idea of the kind of speeds this flash storage can achieve, it is two times faster than a SATA SSD that you use in your PC.
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Portable LG Rolly Keyboard with tactile feedback is the upcoming hot accessory

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

LG Rolly Keyboard for mobile devices is as good as a desktop keyboard

The demand for mobile accessories is already on the high and it will only grow further owing to the increasing demand of mobile devices. Seeing this as a chance to cash-in, LG has introduced the world’s first solid rollable wireless portable keyboard which will be shown-off at the upcoming IFA 2015 even in Berlin, Germany. The LG Rolly Keyboard (KBB-700) folds along the four rows and takes the shape of a rectangular stick which can be carried easily in your pocket or bag.
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OnePlus 2 smartphone coming your way loaded with impressive features

OnePlus 2 smartphone

OnePlus One got a very positive response from consumers when it was launched last year and its next version was expected to come tagged with equally good features. Here we have OnePlus 2, the predecessor to its elder brother and it doesn’t disappoint on first look. The 5.5-inch phone has a 1920×1080 pixels display (401 PPI) and although it is not that thin at 9.85 mm, it still has hardware that overshadows that factor. And there is USB-C connector that is something new for most of the smartphone users.
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Apple granted patent for moving on-screen objects by tapping back-side of the iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 touch input patent

Apple is a staunch believer in patenting everything that it believes to be the future of technology. In the past we have seen numerous patents being granted to Apple and now the silicon valley giant has been awarded a row of 38 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which include technology for 3D biometrics ID, iPhone Tapping for games and much more. That is some list of granted patents, but for now we focus on the one we believe will feature in Apple’s next smartphone speculated to be called iPhone7 and even the next iteration of the iPad.
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Will Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 be the e-book reader and iPad killer?

Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet

Gone are the days when an electronics manufacturer comes-up with a tablet and it instantly becomes a hit, just because it has a big vivid screen. These days it’s hard to pitch a tablet unless it’s an iPad. Samsung is no mug when it comes to tablets and its next iteration of a modern tablet has just arrived. This is Samsung Galaxy Tab S2, a tablet that is ultra-thin and lightweight at just 5.6mm thin and 265 grams respectively.
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Android M brings voicemail support and more to your device

Android M

Android’s next mobile operating system Android M all set to be released in Q3 2015 is already being tested by the developers and now you can also download the developers Preview 1 and Preview 2 on their Nexus devices. The Preview 2 rolled out couple of days ago and its major highlight is the inclusion of visual voicemail which somehow never happened to Android users. And it is one less thing for iOS users to brag about since Apple devices have had visual voice-mail for ages.
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Another teenage invention that charges your smartphone while walking

Furkan Faruk Aslan shoes that charge phone

In daily routine we walk a lot and that energy is dissipated in thin air. Perhaps a good idea is to harness that energy into electrical energy for your power hungry mobile devices. A 15-year old Turkish secondary school student with similar vision has developed a pair of walking boots that can power-up your smartphone, for unlimited energy reserve that will never go dry.
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Is Samsung working on a dual-screen foldable smartphone codenamed Project Valley?

Samsung Project Valley foldable smartphone

There is no dearth of flexible displays and dual screen smartphones currently under development by major electronics players in the market. Samsung is one of them and for good reason too if it wants to survive in this cut-throat competitive scenario that demands innovation. Taking things forward the South Korean manufacturer has plans to launch a dual-screen smartphone in the coming future to lend some novelty in the smartphone market.
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