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Augmented reality mobile game Pokémon GO is biggest ever in U.S. history

pokemon Go biggest game ever

Quite a few applications have taken Play Store and Apple Store by storm in the past – latest being the Pokémon GO – a Nintendo franchise game. The first real augmented reality game, this is a free download for iOS and Android devices, and it mixes real world elements with the virtual game, which is making people go bonkers for the app. People are fanatically downloading Pokémon GO, and according to a SurveyMonkey report, it is already the biggest mobile game in the history of United States. Read More…

Tippett to develop AR ‘HoloGrid: Monster Battle’ game with HappyGiant

moster bottle

We were talking about Star Wars enthusiasts and their number of creations inspired from fictitious characters, but nothing could be more amusing than a video game on the same theme. Popular movie artist Phill Tippett, in collaboration with HappyGiant, has turned to Kickstarter to collect funds to develop an Augmented Reality game, HoloGrid: Monster Battle. The game is all about holographic chess game from Star Wars. Tippett aims to collect $100,000 from crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Read More…

How app monetization drives business success

Mobile App Monetization

Just as there are many kinds of mobile apps, there are many different motivations for creating a new app. For some, such as a hotel booking website or a bank, the app allows the company to provide its service to its customers quicker and more easily. For others, such as an e-shop, a mobile app drives an increase in business by targeting mobile customers. These companies don’t worry too much about monetizing their apps, as their apps exist to drive their core business.

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Iranians develop mobile game that prompts player to attack Israel

Missile strike mobile game

We have seen games like Battlefield showing US military launching attacks on Tehran and other Middle-Eastern countries plagued by terrorism. That has not been taken very politely by the Tehran game developers who have come-up with a mobile game that shows attack on Israel. This game prompts the player to break into the Zionist regime’s air defense and target Israel. The main motive is to march against Israel and US forces for the liberation of Jerusalem.
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