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TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE solar charging phone

TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE Perpetual Power reserve phone

Revealed at BaselWorld 2014, the TAG Heuer MERIDIIST INFINITE Perpetual Power reserve phone designed in partnership with French company Sunpartner Technologies is one incredible communication instrument. MERIDIIST INFINITE has an invisible photovoltaic component built into the sapphire crystal screen that produces electricity and hence charges the phone in any kind of lighting conditions like artificial or natural light. The phone has patented dashboard chronograph dubbed ‘Time of Trip’ that is designed originally for aircrafts and automobiles.
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Indian student invents shoe that charges mobile devices while walking

Shoe charger for mobile devices

Rajesh Adhikari, an ingenious 12th class Indian student has invented shoes that can charge your mobile devices any time you want. All you have to do is walk a mile and you are good to juice up your mobile device. The invention came as a result of heavy snow in the winters last year which left Nainital (hill-town) in Uttrakhand without any power for quite some days, disrupting life and leaving the kid bored with his phone out of power. This is when the idea of inventing a shoe that could charge his mobile came into light and he started working on it. In the end he made a functional version of a wearable shoe that has a small dynamo that charges up and produces 5V electricity as one walks or runs while wearing the shoe. Add to that the waterproofing credentials of the shoe, and you have a mobile charger no matter what the terrain or the weather conditions.
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Ultra secure Boeing Black Smartphone for a top-secret spy

Boeing Black Smartphone

When Boeing develops something you pretty well be rest-assured that it is going to be something amazing. Taking a detour from their usual aeronautics expertise, Boeing has come up with a smartphone that takes security to the pinnacle. Boeing Black Smartphone has been designed to give its users the highest level of security and flexibility in use so that use it across a wide array of environments. The Android powered smartphone has dual SIM capability that allows the user to switch between government and commercial networks seamlessly by integrating the mobile device management systems and virtual private networks. The smartphone is tailor-made for personnel, diplomats and spies who have to work in confidential positions in their organizations or government agencies so that no one can breach their important data.
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MWC 2014: Dual-display YotaPhone 2 smartphone doubles as E-Reader

YotaPhone dual-screen smartphone

Yota Devices, a Russian start-up has put forth their dual-faced YotaPhone 2 that takes a different approach to what your smartphone should be. The prototype of smartphone has been released at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona, Spain and it looks much sleeker and has roundish contours when compared to its predessor. This smartphone has a conventional color touchscreen on one side and on the opposite side it has a low-power electronic paper display also known as E-Ink screen.
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MWC 2014: BlackBerry Z3 all-touch smartphone with latest BB operating system

Blackberry Z3 touchscreen smartphone

To recover itself from the dwindling fortunes BlackBerry has unveiled the much awaited smartphone earlier codenamed as Jakarta at Mobile World Congress 2014 in Spain. BlackBerry Z3 is the official name for this all-touch smartphone made in collaboration with Taiwan-based company Foxconn, and now it remains to be seen how BlackBerry positions it to reclaim its loss of huge chunk of global market.
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MWC 2014: Samsung unveils the waterproof Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone

All the buzz about Nokia’s rumored Normandy phone might have taken the limelight away from Samsung but I must say Nokia’s X series smartphones didn’t impress much. Samsung however have saved their surprise at the Mobile World Congress 2014, and what a surprise it is I must say. The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone has been revealed and although it looks something that resembles the S4, but still it is a powerhouse under the hood.

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Mobile phone bomb detector chip invented by Indian engineering student

Mobile Phone bomb detector

Abhilash Semwal, an engineering student from Dehradun, India has invented a new way to detect bombs. A bomb detection chip for mobile phones that is capable of detecting the common materials used in bombs used for mass carnage. The chip somehow manages to detect the molecules/radiation used in bomb material (such as Helium, Potassium Nitrate, TNT, HMV) and as soon as it detects the presence, a message is send to the nearest police station or bomb detection squad headquarters. The According to Abhilash, the reason he created this new technology was to have a safe method of identifying bombs in crowded areas. Areas where chances of hiding a bomb in random things is very high.
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Instructables member creates a working DIY mobile phone

DIY mobile phone by Ye Xiaobo

Still glum over the loss of your favorite mobile phone? Worry not as Instructables has once again come forth to your rescue. How so, you ask? Well, Instructables member Ye Xiaobo has showcased a fully functional DIY mobile phone that you can construct in your very home. By ‘fully functional’ we mean that the phone does everything that a feature phone is expected to do; including of course sending and receiving phone calls. And, the great thing about the design that would entice us geeks and aficionados alike is that its outer shell is entirely 3D printed!

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Credit card sized Micro-Phone is one real smartphone


Are you someone who’s sick of all the 5-inch and other bouffant smartphones that are so much hassle to carry? Did you always want a phone that’s small, convenient and can easily fit into your clutch or wallet? If so then, Micro-Phone designed in collaboration by Australian and Chinese companies is just the perfect phone for you. This credit card-sized quad band mobile phone measures as little as 5.5mm thick and weighs less than 40g. The sleek and affordable Micro-Phone is ideal for travelling or an emergency, or just to give to your child when you cannot be with them, yet make sure where they are all the time.
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DIGNO R is the world’s lightest waterproof smartphone

Kyocera DIGNO R waterproof smartphone

World’s lightest waterproof smartphone DIGNO R, weighing just 94 grams (made from magnesium alloy) is here courtesy Kyocera Corporation and is scheduled for release in mid-July 2013. Equipped with a 1.5 GHz dual-core CPU, the DIGNO R smartphone has a HD LCD 4.3 inches (having resolution 1280×720), waterproof 1800mAh battery and body size of 60mmx122mmx10.4mm make it a lucrative gadget for people craving something upbeat and niche. The smartphone will have the all new Android 4.2 operating system and a high resolution CMOS camera (8.1 million pixels) along with the front facing CMOS camera for making video calls. It will have the customary micro SD card for expanding the 16 GB in-built memory and will come in four attractive color options; turquoise green, pink, black and white.
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