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ASMO Charger saves energy and provides fire safety too

ASMO Charger

ASMO Charger is a perfect gadget for people out there who tends to leave their phone charger plugged to the socket when their device isn’t charging. Developed by Finnish Engineer Asmo Saloranta, the Asmo is an energy efficient mobile phone charger which automatically switches off when you unplug your phone and back on also when you reattach it. To start working, the charger uses a small amount of current from the phone and as soon as the battery is full, the charger completely powers off.
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Charge your phone while walking with these power generating shoes [w/video]

Mobile device charging shoe by Angelo Casimiro
We have seen many solar-powered gadgets and use of other energy sources to generate electricity before. But, what if we told you that you can produce electric energy with your footsteps to charge mobile devices? Well, it is actually possible with these ‘power generating shoes’ unearthed at Google Science Fair 2014, all thanks to, a 15-year-old boy Angelo Casimiro from Philippines. This teenager has come up with a technology to produce energy from an individual’s footsteps and convert the energy into electricity to charge mobile phones or other small battery-powered devices. The technology is quite reminiscent to the one used in shoe charger invented by Rajesh Adhikari that we featured couple of months ago. Read More…

Revolutionary nanotechnology charges smartphone in mere 30 seconds

Storedot Organic phone charger

Charging you gadgets in a matter of seconds could become a reality as an Israeli based company has invented a revolutionary nanotechnology which is a collection of nanodots of biological origin which have enhanced electrode capacitance. Add to that the increased battery life expectancy that can survive thousands of charges and you have a battery charging solution that will ridicule all other methods without question. At Microsoft’s Think Next conference Tel Aviv University revealed its prototype charging device called StoreDot that can juice up your smartphone in just 30 seconds using Multi Function Electrode and that technology could be in your hands come the year 2016.
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Nivea’s advertisement charges your iPhone using solar power

Nivea ad solar charger for mobile phones

If there is something as beach-heaven on earth, Brazilian beaches will surely take the crown. This, not just because they are beautiful, but also because of the amount of people that flock onto these beaches on a daily basis. Thriving on this number, skin-care brand Nivea has created ‘Solar Ad Charger’ – a solar-powered mobile charger for the beaches. Nivea has created a full-page ad in a Brazilian magazine, the advert is decked out with solar panels and has a charging port users can plug into their phones to power their smartphones.

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Ultra mobile battery charger to keep your smartphone juiced every minute

Do you often run out of battery on your smartphone while on the go, but don’t mind carrying an extra gadget to provide those extra hours to your phone then welcome the new portable mobile battery charger the BSMPB08 from Buffalo. The device slated to be made available in mid May has a USB port and a 2,200 mAh built-in rechargable lithium-ion battery which stores enough power to juice up your iPhone or Android phone in any emergency power crunch.
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Fuel Micro Charger is world’s smallest mobile phone charger for emergencies

Fuel Micro Charger

The world’s smallest mobile phone charger could be a reality soon if the Kickstarter project that goes by the name Fuel Micro Charger makes it through the initial funding stage, which by the way seems a definite possibility as it is not far from the funding goal. Fuel is no bigger than your keychain and only slightly bigger than a quarter which makes it a small little portable charger for emergencies in case you need to charge up your mobile phone when no other source of charging is available. Having a 220 milliAmp hour battery that gives you around 20-30 minutes of extra juice (under normal usage) for the mobile phone is perfect for adventure trips and times when you are travelling a lot. This emergency phone charger measures just 1.3 by 0.9 by half an inch and is rechargeable for at least one month, which means that you can charge it once and for at-least one month there is no need to recharge or have fear of the battery getting discharged.

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