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Autonomous mobility scooter for smartphone-obsessed walkers

Autonomous Mobility Scooter

The National University of Singapore (NUS) has come up with another terrifying as well as futuristic mobility concept for people who remain engrossed in their smart-devices all the time. Researchers claim that it will help curbing accidents on footpath caused by phone-obsessed walkers. Seriously, it looks like first prototype of futuristic “digital lounge” featured in one of the best animated films “Wall E”. If you have watched the movie, you must be aware what long term dependence on these “digital lounges” did to the people at the end. That was simply dread. Read More…

Two mechanics build world’s fastest mobility scooter


Crazy inventor Colin Furze is certainly not an inspiration for many (thanks to all the bizarre and scary things he makes), but who knew his crazy record setting mobility scooter (that clocked 71.59 mph) would become an inspiration for the world’s fastest mobility scooter ever made. Drawing inspiration from Furze’s scooter, two mechanics David Anderson and Mathew Hine from Isle of Man built a vehicle that normally does 10 mph, into the fastest mobility scooter that broke into Guinness World Records clocking 173.16 km/h (107.6 mph). Read More…

Suzuki UT Concept – Personal mobility vehicle with collision avoidance system

Suzuki UT Concept personal mobility vehicle

At the International Homecare and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo Big Sight convention center, Suzuki Motor Corp. revealed their mobility scooter called UT Concept. Still in the prototype stage, this personal mobility vehicle could come as a boon for people with disability or elderly who cannot walk for a long period of time. The electric motor powered vehicle is equipped with collision avoidance brake system that prevents any accidental bumping into objects or people while commuting from one place to the other.
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Dalek made from old mobility scooter

Mobility scooter powered Dalek by Nigel Chivers

This Dalek surprised the town of Corston, Somerset, England, as it strolled down the road, making many believe that it was some new speed watch group. Build by Nigel Chivers in his garage, this 7 feet tall Dalek took him two years to complete and its motion comes courtesy a mobility scooter. It has a moving turret that looks intimidating but only fires water as the gun hidden in it is actually a water pistol. Based on 2010 Dalek Paradigm, this DIY project used scrap material like solar garden lights, gazebo poles, plumbing pipes and mock-up components from a satellite. The inspiration for this project came when Nigel, 41 years old father took his 10 year-old daughter to a Sci-Fi family fun day.
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Fire throwing Greathouse mobility scooter is one heck of a ride

Fire throwing Greathouse mobility scooter

FLAMEnco flame throwing guitar looks so lame in front of the Lord Humungous created by 52-year-old Lance Greathouse from Phoenix, Arizona. Greathouse, who started the Greathouse Labs in 2004 is a dental equipment engineer with a passion for building mobility scooters. Lord Humungous, result of $1000 and a month of labor, is one bad ass mobility scooter made out of an electric golf cart, all terrain tires, a helicopter seat and some dental mechanics and has a flame thrower installed which spits fire to almost 10 meters away. Read More…

600cc engine-powered world’s fastest mobility scooter does 120 mph

World's fastest mobility scooter

Generally mobility scooters are meant to transport elderly and disabled people from one place to another at a maximum speed of 8 mph, but when Richard Underwood, John McNeil and Dale Glover soup-up a mobility scooter with a 600cc engine, it becomes 15 times faster than normal and good enough to put some better motorbikes to shame. This fastest mobility scooter by the trio courtesy its 600cc engine (same used in high-powered motorbikes) can reach up to speeds of 120 mph.

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