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MWC 2016: Modular LG G5 phone with ecosystem of modern accessories will be hard to beat

LG G5 phone

Google is already working on a modular smartphone which is dubbed Project Ara, and we saw Spiral 1, the first working prototype of Google Project Ara almost a year ago. LG however has been working on a more practical approach which they finally revealed at Mobile World Congress 2016. This is LG G5 modular smartphone which goes very well with your urban living and upbeat lifestyle. The flagship device comes with a plethora of accessories having plug-and-play functionality making it a goof prospect for potential buyers.
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RePhone: World’s first open source modular phone you can build like you want


If there is a device we have been waiting anxiously for, it has to be Google’s Project Ara – an attempt at a modular smartphone; sadly, Google is only delaying it forever it seems. To assure a modular phone is possible – Seeed has launched Kickstarter campaign for world’s first open source modular phone kit dubbed RePhone. RePhone comprises set of tools and components that can be assembled to remake or redesign your own mobile phone to make and receive calls, send SMS, snap pictures and play music. Read More…

MWC 2015: Spiral 3 Google Project Ara phone coming to users soon!

Spiral 3 Google Project Ara phone

Google’s Project Ara has been a very ambitious attempt to make a modular smartphone that is highly customizable and gives the user freedom to make hardware changes whenever needed. Good news is that you might see the Google Ara Project in less than six weeks, as an equally ambitious Miami-based venture Yezz has adopted Google Ara as a platform for their component manufacturing and teaming up with Google for releasing the first phone dubbed Spiral 3.
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Spiral 1 – First working prototype of Google Project Ara modular phone revealed

Spiral 1 Google Project Ara prototype

Google Project Ara modular phone

Every single news of the Google Project Ara modular phone has excited me simply because of the limitless possibilities it brings to the forefront. The modular phone is slated to be released in 2015 and now the big news is the arrival of first prototype of this much awaited phone. Called as Spiral 1, the prototype is developed by NK Labs in Boston and Google has posted a video showing the open hardware platform phone. So far the developers have managed to get removable components like LED module, application processor, speakers, USB charging port and LED module into the modular form factor that currently takes up almost 50% of the phone’s body.
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Much Awaited: Google’s Project Ara modular smartphone slated for 2015

Google Project Ara Grayphone modular smartphone

It has been just four months since we had a sneak peak at Motorola’s Project Ara modular smartphone, and now that Google has sold Motorola to Lenovo except for the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) division, speaks volumes about the project itself. And going by Google’s keenness to gobble up everything that has to do with the future of technology, it is no surprise that project Ara is the last thing they would want to give up. Looking to revamp the whole concept of what a smartphone should be, Project Ara has something more to offer to the geeky masses than other products currently in the market.

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