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Prepare yourself for Supermoon – Rare celestial event you don’t want to miss


We look up into the sky and the first thing we notice is the moon along with the stars. However, tonight it’s going to be hard to deny the magnificence of the moon as it will bring bliss to astronomy lovers. Yes folks, Supermoon will steal all the limelight tonight as moon will be closest to Earth in 70 years and this won’t happen again until 2034. That calls for cancelling all your appointments and get you photography equipment ready for the mega event. And yes, hope that you’ll get a clear blue sky to witness the Supermoon in full glory.
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Indian start-up eyes Moon Rover mission in the Google Lunar XPrize competition

Google Lunar XPrize Team Indus India

Google Lunar XPrize Team Indus rover

India’s small startup Team Indus, founded by IIT Delhi students headed by Rahul Narayan has won the major chunk of Google Lunar XPrize, a global competition aiming to land robotic spacecraft on the surface of Moon by December 31, 2016. Competing against other established groups who have vast experience in the field of robotics and space exploration, the India’s team won $1 million for the lander category, which apparently is the most complex piece of the rover destined for Moon. The Bangalore-based team has also been short-listed for imaging system and the prize was handed to Narayan and his team at an event in the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco.
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Japan’s Beverage Company to put world’s first billboard ad on Moon

pocari sweat on moon

With a vision to do a world’s first, Japanese beverage maker Otsuka is set to become the first company ever to have a commercial product delivered to the moon for marketing purpose. Otsuka is slated to send a titanium can packed with Pocari Sweat powder. The specially designed can weighing 2.2 pounds will function as a small billboard for the company on the earth’s closest celestial neighbor. The can will be filled with powdered sports drink, which becomes a non-carbonated, citrus flavored energy drink on being mixed with liquid.  

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Google shows-off lunar robot by Chileans for exploration on moon

We have never heard much about Chile when it comes to building advanced robotics or aerospace exploration but now team Angelicum led by Klaus von Storch is looking to change all that with their initiation. The team comprises of conglomerate of scientists and investors who are keenly looking forward to take their robot to the moon as a part of the mega Google Lunar X Prize which has whooping prize money of $30 million. For this very international level initiation team Angelicum has developed a multifaceted robot which can travel at the speed of 500 meters on the Moon, scanning the terrain and sending back the high-resolution images back to earth.
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