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Motus Motion Sleeve prevents ball pitcher injuries in baseball

Motus Pitcher sleeve for baseball pitchers

Motus Pitcher sleeve with embedded pint-sized sensors

Baseball is surely a fun game for fans and strikers, but is it that much fun for pitchers who have to pitch the ball? As a baseball fan you might love the fiery delivery from the pitcher, but every time they throw the ball, they are increasing the changes of inducing pitch-related injuries that require Tommy John surgery. To get over this a Florida-based company has come to the forte with an ingenious solution called Motus Pitcher Sleeve which is in its prototype stage. This wearable gadget has accelerometer and gyroscope sensors that track the elbow and arm movement while pitching, and most importantly keeps a track of the forces acting on ulnar collateral ligament.
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Arcus Motion Analyzer ring is everything you need in a wearable gadget

Arcus Motion Analyzer wearable ring

Wearable technology is here to stay and it never seizes to capture a geek’s imagination. This time it a wearable ring called Arcus that takes motion sensing and gesture recognition to a whole new level. It can be an activity tracking device, sports skill enhancing gadget, motion sensor for gaming, gesture recognizing device and much more. Up on Kickstarter for funding, Arcus wearable ring is one of its kind wearable device that has features of at-least 2-3 separate wearable gadgets that we have seen so far.
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Improve baseball, tennis and golf game with smartphone compatible Zepp 3D motion sensor

Zepp 3D motion sensor for golf tennis and baseball

Improving your outdoor sports has got even more tech savvy with gizmos that help you analyze nifty little details to achieve perfection. A new entrant into this niche market is Zepp Sensor that helps golf, tennis and basketball players in fine tuning their game with data that makes sense presented in three different games. The 3D motion sensor is designed keeping in mind the requirement of athletes and can be used in conjunction with your tablet or smartphone anywhere, anytime. Zepp motion sensor measures about 1-inch square and weights 6.3 grams which is huge advantage as it can be mounted on baseball/softball bat, tennis racket or golf glove to analyze baseball swings, tennis swings and golf swings wit the help of in-built ARM processor.
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Smart basketball with motion sensors to improve your skills

94Fifty sensor basketball by InfoMotion Sports Technologies

InfoMotion Sports Technologies has come up with the world’s first smart basketball that provides real-time data on the skills of handler thereby improving the game drastically. Equipped with 6 internal motion sensors that evaluate the handling of basketball, this innovate 94Fifty Sensor Basketball captures 6,000 points data in one second. The data collected includes the dribbling force induced, shooting skills, backspin, short speed and the consistency of the dribbler with the ball. All this information is then send to your iOS or Android smartphone via an app that has various insights on how the skills can be improved or the key skills that can be developed more to improve play.
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Shroom: Motion activated lighting that automatically illuminates when someone passes by

Birgitta Ralson and Alexandre Bau were immensely inspired by the living style of people in Norwegian village who are close to their roots and savor memories from the past with physical places. Further inspiration came from fact that this Northern hemisphere region famous for the amazing light of stars and aurora borealis is affected by the constantly bright public lighting, subduing the effect of northern lights which put forth a spell bounding spectacle. Add to this the eco-friendly aspirations for lighting the Nordic villages during long, cold winter. It becomes even more inspirational to come up with a lighting system that conserves power and at the same time doesn’t affect the nature’s glory in any way. the lights come in varying size so that they can be placed according to the landscape and interestingly the ones small in size can also be used for sitting if one gets tired on the long grueling journeys.
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Dunlop Swing Labo helps you choose tennis racquet by analyzing style of play

If you are an avid lawn tennis player then it is imperative you have the right technique of hitting the ball in forehand or backhand strokes to generate maximum power as well as precision. But how do to analyze your game to make subtle improvements and choose the best racket for your style of play? Don’t worry as Dunlop Sports Co. Ltd. in conjunction with Seiko Epson Corp. has invented the Dunlop Swing Labo (also called Dunlop Swing Sensor) which can fit to any tennis racquet and analyze the data from a scientific perspective. The sensor attaches at the bottom of the handle grip and the user has to hit the balls using it. Then swing speed and swing direction is observed to choose the best racquet for peak performance while playing.
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