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Best looking smartwatches you can go for this holiday season

The next trending gadgets of this century are definitely going to be wearables and currently the hot accessory in trend is smartwatch. This modern day gadget solves many purposes at the same time. Keeping tab of time, learning about notifications from smartphone without even taking it out of your pocket or being on track of your fitness regime targets. There are plenty of smartwatches out for purchase and if you are very choosy about looks, this guide will be your decision maker. Have a peak at these amazing smartwatches that are eye candy and at the same time loaded with features that make your life simpler.
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IFA 2015: Moto 360 Collection introduces new fitness tracking smartwatch

New Moto 360 Collection smartwatches

New Moto 360 Collection smartwatches

Last time when Moto 360 smartwatch was released it caught my heart, but now things have got even better. At the ongoing IFA 2015 in Berlin, Germany, Motorola has launched a new collection of Moto 360 watches that have some significant improvements over its predecessor. The new collection segregates the men, women and fitness fanatic oriented smartwatches, so that everyone has a Moto 360 perfectly tailored for them. According to the makers, users will have more than 300 possible combinations with bands, colors, bezels and sizes to customize the look of Moto 360.
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What’s on the ultimate man’s Christmas list?


Men, eh? Impossible at the best of times but a total nightmare when it comes to buying for at Christmas. What do you get for the males in your life, those curious species of the human race who find great entertainment in poring over football formations and belly button fluff? Here are a few suggestions of what might just be on the ultimate man’s wish list this Christmas.

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Metal band Moto 360 – Best looking smartwatch in town just got sexier

Moto 360 metal strap options

Moto 360 in light and dark stainless steel option

Moto 360 launched back in September for a price tag of $250 in limited edition gray leather with suede finish. And now for those who like to flaunt their stylish gadgets, the smartwatch comes in attractive stainless steel designed bands made from aircraft grade material. The Moto 360 in light or dark metal bands are available for $299 and they surely make this pretty smartwatch worth sporting. Along with these attractive metal band options for you Moto 360 smartwatch, the Moto 360 Gold Edition is going to be available in the coming months.
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While Lenovo strikes Motorola deal, Moto 360 gold edition accidently pops-up on Amazon

Lenovo Motorola Moto 360 gold edition

Lenovo acquires Motorola

Lenovo, the largest PC maker company in the world has acquired Motorola for $2.91bn which is almost $10bn less than what Google paid for it. The deal that was announced almost a year ago is finally complete and Lenovo will pay $660m in cash and $750m in newly issued stock while the rest of the $1.5bn will be paid off in the next three years. Google will keep majority of the patents that Motorola have acquired and around 2000 patents will go to Lenovo, the reason why Google sold it for such a nominal amount.
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Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch specifications and price unearthed

Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch specifications and price

Moto 360 smartwatch by Motorola Mobility has been in the headlines, ever since it was first revealed five months ago. There have been many speculations regarding the pricing and features that Motorola wants to flaunt in their inaugural smartwatch with a very attractive design. Now, another bold reveal by Best Buy makes us believe that Motorola Moto 360 smartwatch is going to carry a price tag of $249.99, according to their product price listing page. This is a very surprising reveal since Best Buy not only has listed the price but also the features available in Moto 360 that were earlier not in the light. Apparently, Motorola is expected to make launch details of the Moto 360 smartwatch at a press conference to be hosted on September 4 in Chicago.
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Moto 360 smartwatch with latest Android Wear OS

Moto 360 smartwatch

Smartwatches like Samsung Galaxy Gear 2 and Qualcomm Toq have followed a very symmetrical rectangular design to identify them from the generic watches. But now Motorola is getting back to the basics with it smartwatch dubbed as Moto 360 that has a very watch-like, round design. Keeping abreast the latest technology employed in smartwatches, Moto 360 has an interface that provides notifications, and alerts form your smartphone seamlessly. Along with all the latest smartphone features it also has a voice recognition feature which lets you search for things by giving voice commands, send texts, set alarms and schedule appointments.

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