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Zortrax creates lightweight and powerful 3D printed motorcycle

Zortrax  3D printed motorcycle_9

Europe-based 3D printing solutions company Zortrax has come up with their first attempt to create a 3D printed motorcycle which is currently in prototype stage and very close to hitting the roads. Their inspiration for making a bike came from their staff members, most of whom are motorcycle enthusiasts. The team choose 600cc as their ideal power unit as most of the lightweight and powerful bikes fall in this middleweight category.
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Vietnamese mechanic’s homemade 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline motorbike

Custom 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline

The powerful Henderson Motorcycle came like a bang in the early 1912 and disappeared in a lull by the year 1931. In its short life-term, the motorcycle company became the first choice for law enforcement personnel and two-wheeler enthusiasts who liked a powerful machine on the road. Well, 1930 Henderson KJ Streamline has become a collectibles dream now, and only a few are left. What you see in the video below is not a Henderson KJ Streamline motorcycle, but a replica made to look and sound exactly like it.
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BMW’s new motorcycle is smartest, most futuristic and safest ever


It was the occasion of BMW’s 100th birthday, and German Automotive Brand took the opportunity to unveil four concept vehicles with a vision for the next 100 years. At the event in California, BMW debuted the BMW Motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’ concept motorcycle along with three other Rolls Royce, Mini and BMW concepts revealed earlier. The Motorrad motorcycle is designed for ultimate riding experience; it is designed to be so artificially intelligent that a rider can ride it safely without any protective gear including a helmet. Read More…

Lightweight all-terrain bike disassembles in just five minutes

Taurus 2x2 all-terrain vehicle

Taurus 2×2 all-terrain vehicle

Have a look at this detachable and light-weight bike designed by Motovezedhody. Dubbed as Taurus 2X2 this off-road demon is made for quick tours uphill or scaling mud laden tracks. The bike weighs just 132 pounds in total, and when the job is done you can disassemble and put it into the boot of your vehicle. Since the bike is specifically made of rough terrain, therefore it goes at a top speed of 22 mph (35 km/h) powered by a Honda GX210 engine.
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Maserati V8 engine powered Lazareth LM 847 motorbike is what Batman would die for

Lazareth LM 847 motorcycle

This mean looking machine fit for Gotham’s superhero Batman is the work of French automotive manufacturer Lazareth. Having four wheels in total the motorcycle is one machine that will let loose your imagination. Deriving its power from a 4.7-liter Maserati V8 engine, the Lazareth LM 847 is nothing like you have seen so far. It is a machine worth riding in your dreams and I’m sure you’ll be already doing that.
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P51G2 “Combat Fighter” motorcycle lives up to its name

 Confederate Motorcycles P51G2 Combat Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles P51G2 Combat Fighter

Confederate Motorcycles is a well-known name when we speak of custom motorcycles and we expect nothing less than pure awesomeness from them. They have pulled the drapes off their new creation dubbed P51G2 Combat Fighter and it is nothing less than impressive. Having a design of futuristic chopper mixed with muscular motorbike, the bike invokes interest on first sight itself. I’ll call it a chopper, simply because of its elongated design that stretches to the rear and gives a very aerodynamic feel.
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Royal Enfield Himalayan: Adventure touring bike ready for the next escapade

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield is a well-known name among cruise bike lovers, and no wonder it is the world’s most selling bike in the world. After having so much success in cruise motorbike category Royal Enfield is now looking to experiment a bit with their adventure touring motorcycle dubbed “Himalayan” that is being developed under wraps. According to inside sources the bike will most probably be powered by a 750cc twin-engine or 410cc engine mated to a 6-speed gearbox.
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Stunt rider Robbie Maddison surfs ocean waves on a dirt bike

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison

DC Shoes Pipe Dream stunt by Robbie Maddison is insane

There is a very fine line between what is impossible and what can only be dreamt. DC Shoes and Robbie “Maddo” Maddison surpassed both of these beliefs to create something that you have to see to believe. With 2 years in the making and Maddo rearing to perform his most dangerous stunt till date, this has to go down as one mind-blowing spectacle. Called as Pipe Dream, this stunt had the perfect setting in Tahiti where giant waves invite daring surfers to challenge their riding skills.

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This custom-built Batmobile trike motorcycle is just extraordinary [In Pictures]


For a nostalgic ride on a caveman’s bike, Game Over Cycles has come up with an awe-inspiring Batmobile trike that from the very looks resembles the extraordinary Batmobile from the Batman and Batman Returns of 1989 and 1992 respectively. Game Over Cycles, for anyone who isn’t aware, is a vintage car and motorcycle customization shop based in Poland. According to Game Over Cycles the Batmobile motorcycle is not yet completed. It’s fitted in with an Audi 3.7l V8 engine, has a DAKOTA electronic display and measures 4,45m long, 2.08m wide and 1.35 m. The motorbike will get wings and new suspension before it is finally ready. Hit the jump to see eye-catching images of the motorcycle below. Read More…

You’ll fall head over heels for the F32 Bagger bike with rear speakers!

F32 bagger by Kodlin Motorcycles

F32 Bagger bike by Kodlin Motorcycles

Have a look at this extreme Bagger by team of father and son, popularly known as Fred and Len Kodlin. Redefining the sense of design for what a futuristic bike would look like, this extreme Bagger design is out of this world. It took the duo almost a year to craft this masterpiece having a modified Harley Davidson motor, and boy I tell you it is impressive. With a huge front wheel measuring 32”, this is one hell of a European ride dubbed as F32 will shoot you to thrill without much effort.
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