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iBot 2.0: Stair-climbing, all-terrain wheelchair is just what the doctor ordered

iBot 2.0 wheelchair

When sales of the iBot 4000, a stair-climbing wheelchair were discontinued in 2009, Segway and iBot inventor Dean Kamen wouldn’t have expected the wheelchair to be revived. Toyota thought otherwise; therefore in collaboration with Kamen’s Deka Research and Development the former has produced an improved new version of the iBot. The basics of the four-wheel-drive remain intact. The motorized wheelchair has been made more robust and gets a range of new electronics, sensors and some software integration to function more seamlessly. Read More…

Advanced standing wheelchair design gives disabled more freedom in life

Standing Wheelchair

Rehabilitation engineers at Minneapolis Veterans Affairs hospital have developed an advanced standing wheelchair to give paraplegics more freedom when it comes to performing daily chores of life. This is not the first time a standing wheelchair has been created, but this one is more advanced with focus on functionality and comfort of the user. The team have tested this wheelchair with John Christensen who has been paralyzed for more than 20 years. Thankfully, with this new wheelchair he can do things that earlier he was restricted to do. Most importantly this wheelchair prevents the occurrence of sores which can result from sitting in one position for a long time.
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