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Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars-themed movie theater opens in Nebraska

Alamo Drafthouse Star Wars themed movie theater

The mecca for future Star Wars movies could be in the Midwest as Alamo Drafthouse cinema chain has revealed their Star Wars-themed movie theater in Omaha, Nebraska. The movie theater has been designed by Kansas City firm Dimensional Innovations. As you can very well imagine, making a Star Wars-themed cinema requires quite a lot of detailing to live up to the expectations of fans, and this architecture absolutely lives up to the levels required.

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Inflatable outdoor home theater with PS3 turns any backyard into a virtual battlefield

Freedom has no price. If you feel choked inside a room in hot summers, then you need to step out and lie down by poolside and enjoy a gaming session or a movie on a larger-than-life screen. The Outdoor Home Theater System with PS3 is something that spices up your backyard living as well as the concept of outdoor entertainment in an artistic way. The gigantic inflatable outdoor movie screen that comes bundled with a PS3 lets you play movies, sports events, and have an imbibing gaming session on big screen in full Blu-ray under the shimmering stars. This outdoor entertainment setup certainly perks up the mystique of outdoor entertainment as it offers a whole new way to enjoy the thrills and fun of gaming and movie watching experience under the sky.
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