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Leatherman Tread = Multi-tool + Wristband + Watch

Leatherman Tread multitool

There are many multi-tools out there that come in different shapes and sizes, but none is as innovative as this one. Leatherman Tread is a 25 tool function wearable wristband that you will love. It comes with lot of functionalities ranging from bottle opener to SIM card tool. The multi-tool wristband weights 150 g in total and good news is that it will come with an optional scratch-resistant Leatherman Tread QM1 watch with Swiss movement by the Fall 2015.
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Business Knife – Cardboard business card in the shape of a multitool

Business Knife business card in multitool shape

Got bored with the usual business cards that carry in your pocket? Business cards that haven’t had much of an evolution, other than the visual graphics element? Auckland based graphic designer Anthony Cole took the leap of faith to come up with a cardboard business card called Business Knife that is inspired by multitools that we use so often. In fact, it is a very creative design made from cardboard that shows different skill set of a person in a very unique manner. Each tool of the multitool is engraved with a skill that defines a person’s abilities making it creative and different than other business cards.
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Innovative bike multi-tool with leather case from Brooks England

Brooks England bike multi-tool with leather case

Being a cyclist, one thing that you genuinely need in your bag is a bike multi-tool. The small toolkit has ability to solve all potential problems, as long as your legs are working. The bike multi-tool can help with on-the-go adjustments, and when you have something like the Brooks England’s bike multi-tool with leather case on you, you are sorted even when miles away from civilization. Dubbed the Toolkit MT21 (Ochre), the life-saving multi-toolkit features seven allen keys, four spoke wrenches, three screw drives and three torx wrenches along with additional tools like a bottle opener, knife and chain tool. Read More…

Useful gadgets that fit into your wallet with ease

Gadgets that fit inside your wallet

Wallets are traditionally meant to store all your money, business cards, banking cards etc., but in anyone’s wildest imagination, cannot hold everyday gadgets. Wait, did I just say gadgets. Don’t get me wrong, but yes, your wallet can hold gadgets too. Thanks to the nifty DIY’s and inventions aimed to make gizmos and everyday usable tools small, your wallet can in-fact hold a plethora of gadgets depending on your needs. Of course you cannot hold them in your wallet at the same time, but still can find space for one or two to fit in. So which gadget would you want at all times inside your wallet from the ones given below?
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4 Function Ruler Pen is your pencil, stylus and highlighter too

4 Function Ruler Pen

During a recent event that DamnGeeky organized one thing that I realized was that you desperately need tools that can multifunction and save you from carrying everything in your pockets. This 4 Function Ruler Pen by designer Adrian Olabuenaga is definitely one of them and would come handy for a variety of purposes when needed. It can function as a pen, pencil, highlighter and PDA stylus too, apart from the evident measurement function via the body imprinted ruler. Although this is one multi-purpose pen that comes nowhere near the technologically advanced gadgets that we feature on our portal but still good enough when it comes to practical use when needed.

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Hand Crank Disaster Flashlight Radio is must have tool for adventure junkies

For those who are always on the prowl for adventure it always pays off to have some tools like a flashlight or booster battery to charge your mobile phones just in case you get lost. These times call for a multi-purpose device which has all the basic tools needed out in the alone in case of emergency. Hand Crank Disaster Flashlight Radio which is charged using rotation of the hand crank for around a minute which gives up to 30 minutes of torch light, 10 minutes of siren and flashing light to signal the rescue team in case you get trapped.
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