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RokBlok – World’s smallest vinyl record player with wireless speakers

RokBlok Record Player 2

San Francisco-based concept company Pink Donut is offering RokBlok to backers on Kickstarter, which the maker claims to be the world’s smallest wireless vinyl record player. It can play records anywhere on almost any surface that can hold a vinyl record because it plays records by lightly riding on top of them instead of working like traditional gramophone. That means, it doesn’t need a specific surface to hold a record and it can be carried in pocket. In brief, it’s a small box that plays records when placed over the records and connects wirelessly to bluetooth speakers or headphones.  It’ll work anywhere within a range of 30 feet. Read More…

128 GB Apple iPod touch released in colorful options

Apple iPod touch

iTunes 12.2 update brought with itself a few hints on the re-launch of Apple iPod and that speculation has lived-up to the expectation. Apple has officially introduced the new line-up of iPod models in colorful options including space gray, silver, gold, pink and blue. The new portable iPod touch has a HD 8 megapixel iSight camera and an A8 chip which lends the portable music player 10 times more intensive graphics and for fitness tracking capability there is M8 motion co-processor. The A8 chip is the same as the one used in iPhone 6, so you can expect some intense gaming action on your iPod.
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CES 2015: Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment is world’s first wooden touch interactive music player

Bang and Olufsen BeoSound Moment

Bang & Olufsen has announced its arrival at CES 2015 with a definite bang with the world’s first touch sensitive wood interface. Bang & Olufsen BeoSound Moment is a wireless music system that integrates your music collection and music streaming services into one. BeoSound is a double sided music player which has aluminum interface on one side for browsing through endless online music collection. The other side is a wooden interface to access your daily music collection just by one touch on the wooden wheel.
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Sony ZX1: Walkman makes a comeback

Sony Walkman ZX1

The original Walkman which was introduced by Sony back in 1979 is getting a new life after 35 years with the launch of Walkman ZX1. However, if you are wondering I’d like to tell you that it won’t be playing any cassettes like the original one. Unlike the Apple’s iPod which is light weight and sports a slim design, the new Sony NWZ-ZX1 comes with voluminous dimensions and pretty heavy weight. Besides that, it comes with a whopping price tag of $700 which three times more expensive than the Apple’s iPod.
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Brain controlled music player

Brain controlled music player

Imagine controlling your music player just with your brain. The ability to change songs or toggling the volume without even moving your hands. Yes, that is exactly what Engineers from the Department of Systems and Control Engineering and the Centre for Biomedical Cybernetics at the University of Malta have created. A brain controlled music player that was presented at the 6th International IEEE/EMBS Neural Engineering Conference in San Diego with the aim to make life easier for people with some kind of disability. This brain-computer interface (BCI) technology works by reading the user’s brain signal activity by placing electrodes at specific position in the head using electroencephalography (EEG). Thereafter when the user looks at specific boxes for controls such as volume, next song etc. which sends commands to the user by reading the brain activity. This BCI system developed by Rosanne Zerafa uses a unique brain pattern reading system, the same which occurs when person looks at flickering light called Steady State Visually Evoked potentials (SSVEPs).
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SubPac M1 is wearable sub-woofer that lets you feel music you play

SubPac M1

It may seem like one of the ordinary gadgets that strapped onto a regular chair transforms it into a massage chair, but in reality it is a lot different. It is a gadget – a device that you’re expected to strap onto your back to feel the base in the music you listen to. Described as a wearable sub-woofer, the SubPac M1 lets you feel the music (particularly base) in the body, just like you would feel the base if you were standing few inches from big stage speakers. Designed to let you feel the base line in your bones, the SubPac M1 basically works by transferring low frequencies directly into the human body – to lend you the sound of low end and allow you to hear it too. Read More…

Canine tooth gives back lost vision to patients

Osteo Odonto Kerato Prosthetsis surgery using patients teeth

A general notion is that teeth are nothing more than but a tool to chew food and occasional bite someone. But there is more to teeth than just this age old primitive function. They can be a life saver in terms of bringing back a damaged organ like an eye. Yes that is true and the technique to do so is quite innovative as it uses body’s inherent function to make an eye that is fully capable of seeing just as a normal eye would do. Medical science has made many advancements and we have some of the greatest examples of how your tooth can give second life to people with lost vision using an innovative surgical technique.
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Thodio iBox XC boombox kick starts a party anytime, anywhere

Thodio iBox XC boombox

My long search for that perfect blend of a boombox and audio system that is compatible with smartphones is about to end with Thodio’s latest offering. The iBox XC amp by Thodio is ideal for any party or casual listening of music as it exceeds the sound-box ratio expectations for that perfect blend of dynamic sound and design aesthetics. With the option to choose from a variety of material options like teak, zebrawood, oak and beech; this boombox is a killer when it comes to design and cool looks. It comes with the option of a 30 pin dock + remote and Bluetooth connectivity. The 6.5 inch coned coaxial Kevlar speakers fitted with softdome tweeters produce a very clear and thumping sound via the 2×100 watts rms audiophile quality Tripath TK2050 amplifier. The integrated rechargeable battery lasts for 12 hours on one charge.

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Postcard Player by Uniform plays music printed on postcards

Uniform_postcard player

We know music in many forms and we have numerous digital ways to access it, yet to take the concept of accessing music a notch higher, UK-based communications agency Uniform has devised interactive Postcard Player. The music playing postcard prototypes are printed with electronics using conductive inks, which enable users to interact with data and information – i.e. the printed electronics act as switches on the postcards which can be docked into the Postcard Player to play music. Read More…

Ceramic Stereo smartphone audio controller by Victor Johansson

We have used our fingertips to swipe over touchscreen display and have to a large extent interacted with our electronics by waving a hand in the air or probably speaking to it. Future of interaction with devices could be a merger of physical and digital senses, if something like the Ceramic Stereo concept by Swedish designer Victor Johansson could see light of the day. Ceramic Stereo marries wireless connectivity and communication to work as a smartphone audio controller, which maps intangible function, settings and actions for the real world. Read More…