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Shotgun Guitar – Playing music never seemed so dangerous

Shhotgun Guitar

You shoot bullets with a shotgun and you create music with guitar strings. When both of these come together, it’s something like you’ve never seen before. However strange it might sound, but it’s true, and the man behind this creative idea is pickup designer Bryan Fleming. And he put his creation in the hands of Rev. Peyton of Rev. Peyton’s Big Damn Band who had a big hand in designing it too. in the end, it ended up all as a video which is going viral on the internet.
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‘Heavy Metal’ 3D printed electric guitar is treat for the ears and eyes

Heavy Metal 3D printed electri guitar

We have seen all kinds of guitars which a musician would love to get their hands on, and now it’s time for another one. This time it is a 3D printed aluminum guitar which looks impressive, and it plays like any other high-end electric guitar. With all the rose and barbed wire shapes on the guitar it won’t seem out of place in a G’NR concert. Using additive manufacturing technique to make an electric guitar dubbed ‘Heavy Metal’ makes complete sense as one can get any desired look. This guitar is created by Xilloc, an expert in 3D printing who got a request from Olaf Diegel of OddGuitars to make the base for one.
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Marble Machine: Martin Molin’s musical instrument is beyond belief

Marble Machine muscial instrument by Martin Molin

How creative a musician can get? That question is just going to be answered and you’ll be amazed you stumbled on this piece of masterpiece. 33-year-old Swedish musician Martin Molin who is a member of musical band Windergatan has designed a wooden musical machine that’ll blow your mind away. It is not hard to believe that it took the musician almost two years to make this musical machine Molin calls as Marble Machine. Based on some clever engineering and perfectly timed motion of 2000 marbles inside its guts, this machine has drums, cymbals, snare and other musical instrument parts which play the sweet melody you hear.
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Ultimate Star Wars Medley played on Millennium Falcon-themed piano

Player Piano Ultimate Star Wars Medley

Hugely anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie is coming to theaters this week, and it’s going to blow the charts I have a strong gut feel. Everything related to the Star Wars movie is selling like hot cakes in stores as well as on the internet. No wonder there are many creative DIY’s too that are themed around Star Wars franchise. Film composer and concert pianist Sonya Belousova and Flimmaker Tony Grey have composed the Ultimate Star Wars Melody they call “Player Piano” adding their own take on this celebration. And yes, don’t forget to notice the custom piano themed on the Millennium Falcon design.
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Fender Stratocaster cardboard guitar flabbergasts Linkin Park on first look

Cardboard Guitar Stratocaster Fender Cardboard Chaos

There have been countless number of things crafted out of cardboard and infinite more to come as long as creativity is alive. Another cardboard creation that caught our eye is this guitar by Signal Snowboards inspired from the design of world’s most famous electric guitar, the Fender Stratosphere. Now that is a tall order for the sheer complexity required to create the guitar’s body. Called as Cardboard Chaos, this project came to life courtesy collaboration with Ernest Packaging.
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Darth Vader Electric Guitar for a Star Wars fan

Darth Vader Electric Guitar_1

Darth Vader, the superhero of this universe and the super villain of Star Wars is quite popular among DIY’ers and artists. For his sheer presence and cool looking apparel that he carries so well, the Sci-fi villan won’t fade away soon in popularity. It is quite obvious that cool stuff themed around Darth Vader sell like hot cakes. This electric guitar by Etsy user [RainyDayInstruments] is also right up there amongst the Darth Vader merchandize that you would die for.
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Mazda3 hatchback turned into a musical instrument courtesy Mogees device

Mazda3 Mogees device

The all new Mazda3 sports hatchback car

The all new Mazda3 is an ear-pleasing instrument too. Yes, if you go by the intuitive commercial produced for this sports hatchback car. Mazda teamed-up with Mogees to make the commercial that shows this all new car being used as an electronic musical instrument. They used an app and electronic Mogees device the collaborated team managed to turn every part of the car into musical melody, a 5 piece percussion band to be precise. The device captures vibration of the sound produced whenever someone taps the exterior of the car.
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Kid’s rear as a beatable drum, what?

Small drum pants

Gadgets from the Far East can be hilarious and outrageous at the same time. Not made to solve any inherent problem or functionality, but just for fun. These Hand Drum pants can be out onto your child and thereafter you can go on making your own sweet chin music by tapping your child’s rear. As sound as it might sound, these pants could only be made for kids who don’t know much of what’s going around. Try and make one for a grown up adult and you would find it hard to get a volunteer to put them on.
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Robotics and tattoo in perfect harmony to produce rhythmic music

Reading my body robot that scans tattoo to produce music

Robots and tattoos might be far apart from each other in terms of their inherent definition but that doesn’t mean they can’t work in harmony to produce some really good music. Russian artist Dmitry Mozorov has used his ingenious brain bits to come up with a robotic gadget that scans tattoos and produces music from what it can interpret. The robotic device has a railing with hand holders and two black line sensors for moving the device using stepper motor and Arduino controller. The 3-dimensional Wii remote controller with OSC protocol further actuates the movement for smooth transition on the arm.
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Guitar Ear-O headphones made from salvaged electric guitar parts

Guitar Ear-O headphones

Guitars and headphones are bliss for music lovers, but when one combines both of these in physical form is gets even better. Meet Guitar Ear-O designed by Carina Ostermayer (from Munich) that is a pair of headphones made from defective electric guitar parts giving music accessories a whole new dimension. To make the Guitar Ear-O headphones unused parts like fingerboards and speakers are used and it indeed looks good covered up in musical theme. So in a way the musical instrument is not left biting the dust in a closet, rather it is turned into another music playing instrument that has become so famous with people worldwide.
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