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All you need to know about Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit

Apple HomeKit is a technology from Apple company focused on streamlining home automation. Technology such as actuators for standing desk help lift the desk with just a button pushes such that it changes heights depending on how the user wants to work. Manufacturers such as Philips Hue Lights adopt HomeKit into their smart devices. Siri a single interface commands HomeKit-aided accessories that are safe and easy to control. A HomeKit-compatible application is used to set the home plus all rooms with appliances, then triggers and actions are used to control the accessories.

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Google’s latest robot and intelligence system acquisitions : Vision and motive

Google robots

It is evident that robots and intelligence systems will dominate our future and probably even come at par with humans when it comes to intellect. They will make for a very human like companions, with a brain of their own and let’s hope they don’t take over the human race as we are getting too innovative in creating robots for our own good. But over the last year or so a strange juggernaut of acquisitions by Google has rolled down the internet cloud and raised many eyebrows. Google has been acquiring companies that have something to do with robotics/AI and it is quite strange as the internet giant is carrying out these completely unrelated takeovers. So, what is Google up to, and what is driving it to add robotics and intelligence systems to its line of products and services? Only Google can answer this question with clarity, but do you expect them to reveal their secret? I’m sure not.
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