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Apple Watch 2 promises improved hardware and OS, coming June 2016

Apple WAtch 2

Apple has been trying hard to lure a huge chunk of buyers with its smartwatch, but sadly only Apple fan boys and eager smartwatch buyers have set foot on the trap. Frankly, the Apple Watch hasn’t impressed technology reviewers and smart buyers who have preferred to go for much better options like Moto 360 or LG Watch Urbane.
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Apple and Cisco join forces to streamline iOS enterprise workflow usage

Apple Cisco enterprise partnership

It’s been almost 9 years since Cisco filed a lawsuit against Apple for infringing iPhone trademark. That issue has been handled by Apple in another way and some of us don’t even remember it ever happened. Now, in a perfect example of how old sores do actually heal well, Apple has struck a partnership with Cisco to provide business users an optimized eco-system where the Apple devices work perfectly with Cisco networks.
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Facebook’s solar-powered UAV that beams free internet is finally complete

Facebook Aquila UAV free internet

Facebook has been working on a project that deems to provide free internet via drones, and now in fresh developments social-networking giant has more on it. The solar-powered drone codenamed “Aquila” designed by Facebook’s aerospace team in UK is finally complete. Having a wingspan of a Boeing 737, the UAV will be tested in a remote region for 90 days, where it will beam down internet connectivity from a distance of 60,000-90,000 feet above the ground.
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Samsung working on a secret selfie drone project in South Korea

Samsung Drone

From delivering goods to ones that can click selfies by taking right off your wrist, drones have no bound when it comes to usability apart from just fun purpose. Big companies like Sony have also realized the importance of employing drones for commercial purpose and now Samsung is also in the limelight. According to SamMobile, the South Korean electronics giant is looking to add UAVs to its line-up of products.
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Microsoft Send serves simplified e-mail texting you always wanted on smartphones

microsoft Send App for iOS

WhatsApp has changed the complexion of text messaging and it wasn’t strange that Facebook acquired the company before it started affecting its market share abruptly. Since then there have been in-numerable apps for Android, iOS and Windows mobile devices that vouch for a simple and hassle free messaging experience. Microsoft has jumped into the bandwagon with its Send app for iOS devices which is available for download in the U.S. and Canada. For Android and Windows users the app will come in the following weeks and it surprises me that Microsoft hasn’t released Send app for Windows phones first.
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Sony plans to explore the untapped commercial drone market with Aerosense

Sony and ZMP UAV Aerosense drone

Sony and ZMP to explore UAV market with Aerosense drone

Drones are very much in demand and for good reasons too. You can do n number of things with a drone like aerial photography, shooing unique footage from extreme perspectives and simply for fun. Sony is looking ahead of things and wants to put UAVs to some practical use like the Amazon or Google delivery drone projects. Sony Mobile Communications Inc. have collaborated with Tokyo-based robotics company ZMP to create a drone-based company dubbed “Aerosense Inc.”. They are looking forward to incorporate this enterprise solution by next month in August.
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WhatsApp could face a ban in UK next year if new bill passes

Whatsapp Ban in UK

Popular apps like WhatsApp, iMessage and Snapchat could land in trouble in UK if they don’t comply with the new rules. The reason being that UK is going to employ strict rules on social media and online messaging services. Prime Minister David Cameron has put it very clearly that anything that becomes a hindrance in the path of fighting terrorism will be dealt with proactive measures. And it is not surprising that WhatsApp and other messaging apps are a big hindrance to that, if they don’t comply with the new set of rules.
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Facebook’s Forth Worth data center will be solely powered by wind energy

Facebook Fort Worth data center powered by wind energy

Facebook has unveiled that it is building a data center in Fort Worth which makes this one the fifth data center along with the ones in Prineville, Forest City, Lulea and Altoona. Seeing the huge influx of increasing user-base and growing database of Facebook apps and services. According to Ken Patchett, Director of Data Center Operations, West Region, this data center is going to be the most advanced and efficient data center that Facebook has built.
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“Logitech” renames itself to “Logi” as a part of re-branding strategy

Logitech rebranding to Logi

Whenever the word “Logitech” rings in your ears, the first picture that comes to mind is keyboards, mouse and other computer peripherals for which the company is so famous. But somewhere the company themselves thinks that they are going astray as far as branding is concerned. The reason being, the name itself. To appeal to the younger consumers and create a very techy image Logitech is going to rename itself to “Logi”.
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1TB Sony PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition console coming this monsoon season

1TB Sony PlayStation Ultimate Player Edition gaming console

A game of cat and mouse is brewing between Sony and Microsoft to capture gaming console supremacy. Last year it wasXbox One that caught Sony PlayStation unaware and pushed ahead in competition and now Sony is returning the favor back by announcing the 1 TB PlayStation 4 Ultimate Player Edition console which has almost double the hard drive space when compared to the previous model. One would have believed that Sony would make the announcement at E3 2015, but they held the horses back and made the reveal today.
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