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Celebrating 30 years of Nintendo magnificence with these mods and DIYs

Happy birthday Nintendo

On October 18, 1985 Nintendo released its first ever console in the region of North America and since then the Japanese gaming giant has not looked back. In a way Nintendo has revolutionized the gaming industry and how can we forget those old school gaming days when playing addictive arcade games like Super Mario Bros. or Duck Hunt for hours and hours was bliss. It has been 30 years since that time and Nintendo has come a long way in establishing itself as a household name for gaming freaks. As a tribute on 30th birthday of Nintendo we have compiled a list of Nintendo-inspired geek stuff and Nintendo mods that you’ll definitely enjoy.
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Family Comguitar – Guitar made in the shape of 8-bit Nintendo Famicom NES console

Of all the cool guitars you have seen here, this one has to be right up there on top of the list for its cheer design and retro feel. Shaped like a real 8-bit Nintendo Famicom (NES) gaming console, the Family Comguitar body is perfectly scaled to mimic the look. Complete with two controllers made out of kastura wood, one placed on the side and other making up the guitar head that are complimentary to the look of this guitar; surely provoke you to tame those strings on first sight. This DIY guitar is creation of designer Mitsumatsu who left no stone unturned when it came to using lauan wood and carving it into perfect shape. Apart from that the body of Family Comguitar was shaped from pieces of poplar and to match the look old Famicom’s autumn foliage color scheme.

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