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Nokia marks its presence in Android world with Nokia 6


Nokia 6 has been the much-anticipated Android phone in 2017. With this new smartphone, Nokia is marking its presence in the Android world – the same platform that was once the reason for its downfall. However, the latest smartphone is based on Android 7.0, and also the first Nokia Android phone from HMD Global, the company that bought the Nokia brand licensing rights in late 2016. Read More…

Nokia OZO is the ideal 360-degree camera for shooting professional 3D movies

Nokia OZO 360 degree camera

Nokia might be having a rough ride in the mobile device section of consumer electronics, but that doesn’t mean it can’t venture into other avenues. To keep the innovative bend rolling and bringing something new to the gadget world, Nokia has introduced a 360-degree view camera that is targeted towards professionals. Nokia OZO announced at a company event in Los Angles is specifically targeted towards virtual reality applications.
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Nokia N1 tablet PC unveiled, looks more like a polished iPad mini version

Nokia N1 tablet PC

Today Nokia has revealed its Android 5.0 Lollipop powered tablet, the Nokia N1 which looks strikingly close to the Apple iPad mini. The one-piece aluminum tablet PC will be launched in China by Q1 of 2015 for an expected price of $249 and then later-on in Russia and select European countries. It will be powered by a 64-bit Intel Atom processor clocked at 2.3GHz and have PowerVR G6430 GPU for added processing power.
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Microsoft launches Lumia 535, its first smartphone without Nokia name

Microsoft Lumia-535-1

If you have been following the Microsoft’s Nokia accusation and the released Nokia Windows Phone thereafter, you should have expected this coming. Finally Microsoft has officially dumped the Nokia brand name and has launched its first smartphone dubbed the Lumia 535. Microsoft did not wish to come out with a flagship phone rather stuck with the tested Lumia model with Lumia 535 targeted at the low-end smartphone market. Read More…

Nokia’s wireless charging trousers can charge smartphone in the pocket


Wearable technology is definitely the next big thing. However, the phrase is largely associated with the likes of Google Glass, smartwatches and fitness trackers. Now, taking the concept of wearable technology to its logical conclusion, Nokia (Microsoft Mobile) has launched the world’s first pair of trousers which can charge a smartphone as the wearer walks. Designed to charge Nokia Lumia smartphones, the wireless charging trousers packs a 2,400mAh battery along with a Nokia DC-50 wireless charging plate woven into the front pocket of the trouser. Read More…

Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder freezes Manhattan city in time

Living Moments - Lumia Arc of Wonder bullet time effect photography

Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41-Megapixel camera and to explore its capability filmmaker Paul Trillo joined hands with Microsoft to create the Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder. Using the bullet time photography technique, Paul rigged up a contraption with 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 devices in an arc like structure. This 300 pound rig fitted with tires and moved around to random locations in Manhattan city to capture amazing arc like bullet effect photographs with Nokia Lumia’s PureView camera technology.
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MWC 2014: Nokia X series smartphones with Android OS finally revealed

Nokia X + Android smartphone

What went around like a hot rumor of the Normandy Android smartphone by Nokia has finally been cleared at the MWC in Barcelona, Spain. Nokia has finally revealed its Android powered smartphones Nokia X, Nokia X1 and Nokia XL at the Mobile World Congress 2014. Pretty similar in look and feel to the Nokia Lumia phones, this Android powered family of the Microsoft acquired Nokia is aimed at people who crave for low priced quality phones. The dual SIM phones clearly look to target people who are confused between Windows and Android smartphones. According to Nokia they are going to release more X series phones in the coming months but it remains to be seen if Microsoft would give the green signal once it has fully acquired Nokia.
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Nokia unveils the interactive ‘smart skirt’ made from Lumia 1520 smartphones

Nokia’s Smart skirt

This is not necessarily the first time science has made its foray into the fashion world. But an advanced skirt made up of Lumia 1520 smartphones has certainly caught us by surprise, especially due to the antithetical combination of a fluent skirt fabric and a solid phone material. Presented at this year’s London Fashion Week, ‘ Lumia 1520 interactive skirt’ is the collaborative effort from from Designer Fyodor Golan and Nokia. This interactive essence is carried forth by the embedded 80 screens that either have stationary photos (snapped by the phones) or live feed transmitted to them. These images and videos change their color tone with the movement of the smart skirt, thus ensuring a dynamic pattern of shimmer that goes well with the techno vibrancy of the apparel.

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Jolla unveils The Other Half smart covers, along with SDK for 3D printing

Jolla's The Other Half smart covers

Back in 2010, Nokia had around 38 percent of global smartphone market share. Now the figure has plummeted to less than 4 percent. Of course, the demise already started when the Finnish company couldn’t bring out their big guns against the likes of Apple and Samsung in 2011, and even had to scrap off their own operating system development. But as periods of commercial despair has often shown, a new phoenix had emerged from the ashes of the development team. Boasting of around a 100 employees (most of them from Nokia), they call themselves the Jolla (Finnish for dinghy). And what’s more, the company had successfully launched their new smartphone, new Linux-based Sailfish OS, and are now unveiling their phone cover customization system known as The Other Half.

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Nokia Normandy Android KitKat powered smartphone spotted !

Nokia Normandy android KitKat powered smartphone

Very strong rumors about the Android-powered Nokia smartphone codenamed Normandy have leaked in the cloud and it is no surprise that pictures of this KitKat-running operating system have finally been revealed. The vibrant operating system of the phone’s screen looks like it is running on Android 4.4 KitKat which might well be modified version of Nokia’s own OS. Also the handset shows dual SIM support, a benchmark test with 5-megapixel camera and 854 x 540 display. But the question is, whether this handset would ever make to the consumer market as Microsoft has purchased Nokia’s handset division? Probably this leak is an indication of something surprising.
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