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Lightning bolt charges Nokia Lumia 925 smartphone

Lightining bolt to charge Nokia Lumia smartphone

Using natural resources for powering up gadgets like smartphones, tablets, GPS systems etc. Is very much the trend these days and obviously so as these resources are limitless and abundant. We have hand-cranked, solar-powered, water-powered and many more green gadgets that run on nature’s reserve of power. Now, scientists from the University of Southampton have come up with a proof-of-concept research to skim the power of natural lightning bolts for powering up smartphones. This sustainable method of juicing your smartphone could be very useful in the future where climatic changes and changing Earth dynamics trigger more lighting incidents than before. The smartphone used for this research is Nokia Lumia 925 and this experiment was undertaken with the help of scientist Neil Palmer of University’s high voltage lab.
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Vertu’s new Constellation Candy Collection is a mix of glamour and functionality

Elegance has evolved. Manufacturers from around the world set a contemporary lifestyle with a combination of elegance and luxury, starting with innovative cellphones that are designed in a way to complement communication procedure. Vertu, England based luxury phone making company, has introduced its new collection of cellphones that are being designed keeping in mind the taste of affluent people and idea of furthering company’s reputation and brand value. The new collection that hasn’t received major technical overhaul comes tinted in vibrant colors making it perfect gadgetry for female buyers.
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Holy gees my tattoo is tingling, probably a call from my mom!

I always get stick from my friends and family for not receiving their calls, but I can’t help it, the ringtone and vibration is not strong enough to reach my ears. You would say, probably I’m deaf and lost my senses all-together, either ways Nokia has filed a patent for new kind of technology that in the future will at least save my near and dear ones from this never ending frustration, and for me getting embarrassed every time someone says “Dude you didn’t pick up my call, I had some important work” will finally end.
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