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Oculus Touch controller lends added dimension of realism to virtual reality

Oculus Touch Controller_1

Battle for the best VR headset is getting stiff by the day with all major players trying to improve their design. Oculus has inched forward gradually with its winning Oculus Rift headset, and they have made some major improvements to the Touch controller seen last year. They have reached a point where the VR headset controller is going to land in the hands of consumers come December 6, 2016. Yes, Oculus Touch controller is up for pre-order and it is one major development in the arena of VR gaming.
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Top trends in VR gaming we’ll see in the near future

virtual reality gaming

The possibilities with virtual reality gaming are limited only by our imaginations. Already, software developers and hardware developers have used their talents to create the ultimate gizmos to mimic reality and confuse our senses entirely. Virtual reality has always been at the back of our minds as a sci-fi concept that we would love to bring into our daily lives. It all began with Sensorama in 1962 and gained traction with The Lawnmower Man. Now, we know what virtual reality is capable of – pure pleasure. From the comfort of your airplane seat, the train or your desk, you can power up your virtual reality headset and instantly immerse yourself with Jon Bon Jovi on stage. Products like Jaunt VR have already made this possible.

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Microsoft Windows HoloLens platform now open for third party manufactures

Windows HoloLense device

Microsoft made its presence felt in virtual world as it unveiled a new HoloLens device at the Computex Trade Show in Taipei. The giant also announced availability of Windows Holographic platform, which was limited to only Windows 10 developers, for third party manufacturers. Honesty, it sounds a wise decision. Now, third party manufacturers can build their own VR devices using Windows Holographic. Most of the VR headsets like Oculus are PC based, and it makes the platform compatible for most of these headsets. In brief, Microsoft is now ready serve a “mix-reality” by integrating AR and VR. Read More…

Rollercoaster and VR headset create a thrilling ride into the future

New Revolution Virtual Reality Roller Coaster

To get the ultimate adrenaline rush one inevitably turns to a rollercoaster ride, and more often than not we all come home satisfied. Taking your average rollercoaster to the next level is the New Revolution Virtual Reality Coaster at the Dare Devil Dive in North America by Six Flags Magic Mountain. The rollercoaster in collaboration with Samsung Gear VR and Oculus allows the rider to enter a completely different virtual world which perfectly syncs with the movement on course. The scene is set in the near future where you are a trained soldier riding a fighter aircraft as co-pilot, taking on the invading alien force putting Earth in harm’s way. Basically you are a new recruit in ‘The Patriots’ an elite fighter squadron.
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Samsung Internet for Gear VR is the web browser augmented reality lovers wanted

Samsung Internet for Gear VR_3

Virtual reality content is no more limited to gaming and augmented reality applications as Samsung has announced their web browser for Gear VR. Giving a whole new complexion to how we will browse the internet in the near future, this application of Gear VR headset immerses you in the limitless sea of content on the internet. All this without the need to download content to your smartphone and then view it using VR headsets.
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Oculus Touch controller for next level gaming experience in Virtual Reality

Oculus Touch

There is no doubt that Virtual Reality is going to transform video gaming forever real soon, and Oculus Rift is going to lead the way. Oculus began with wireless Xbox One controller as input device, but to move forward and improve gaming experience in virtual reality, the Rift makers have come up with Oculus Touch – next-gen input device designed to allow gamers to interact with objects in VR most naturally. Read More…

Samsung Gear VR headset will traverse Qantas Airline passengers into virtual reality

Samsung Gear VR headset in Qatas airline

Qantas Airlines to have Samsung Gear VR headset for its first class passengers

Samsung released the Gear VR headset a few months ago and although it created the buzz for all the good reasons, it couldn’t escape from its fair share of criticism too with health related issues propping-up with the use of this headset. That said, Samsung Gear VR has become the first choice for Qantas Australian Airline which has announced a collaboration with Samsung to provide the headset for its first-class and international first lounge passengers. The headset will be featured in First Class Lounge of Sydney and Melbourne flight from mid-February, as well as select flights between Australia and Los Angles inside the First Class cabin from mid-March 2015.
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Oculus Crescent Bay: Next gen VR headset immerses you in augmented reality

Oculus Crescent Bay Prototype

Oculus Crescent Bay Prototype

Oculus Rift virtual reality headset has been around for couple of years now and it has really impressed the proponents of augmented reality hardware. So much that a company like Facebook couldn’t resist to buy Oculus VR for a staggering amount. Now to step up the game even further, Oculus VR has come up with the next improved prototype version of the headset dubbed as Crescent Bay at the Oculus Connect conference in Los Angeles. The new VR headset will have an improved display, better head tracking capability and audio aesthetics for an immersive experience.
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Samsung’s Gear VR virtual reality headset uses Galaxy Note 4 as screen


Of all electronics manufacturers, it’s Samsung that has recently made its presence felt in the world of Virtual Reality with the all new Gear VR. Developed in partnership with Oculus (Samsung handling hardware and Oculus providing software assistance) the Gear VR is a headset which lets Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 4 to be used as its screen to create an immersive 3D experience unlike we’ve seen before. Read More…