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Kiyouki Amano is back with ‘Arm Skirt’- Skirt with remote controlled robotic arms

Arm Skirt

Advanced robotics and electronics have begun to come handy with fashion accessories, and the most creative as well as creepy creations are obviously, reported from Japan. Kiyouki Amano has just unveiled the ‘Arm Skirt’ – a skirt with two robotic arms that can hold things like bottle of water or mobile for the user. The arms appear to crawl out smoothly from the skirt, which reminds us of the tentacles of Doctor Octopus which worked as eight additional incredibly powerful robotic arms.
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Sprint on the Cotton Run machine to produce cotton candy as reward

Cotton Run kinetic machine

Giving people a moment of fun that brings a smile to their face is priceless in this busy scheduled world. And when you have to run and make cotton candies doing so, makes it cute somehow. LAAB, a Hong Kong based Architectural Firm set out on a project that made people’s ordinary day special with the ‘Cotton Run’ project which apparently made people fitter as well.
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Crazy Cart is back again with another Ken Block tribute (troll) video

Crazy Cart vs Ken Block

Ken Block is the undisputed king of drifting and time and again he has shown the kind of talent he possesses. That being said, Guys over at Crazy Cart have given us good reason to appreciate their drifting skills but in a completely different set of wheels. A modified shopping cart pushed to the limit with unreal drifting that would make Ken put up an eyebrow.
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Hydraulic press is the reason why we love crushing everything!

Hydraulic Press crushing everything

We love doing weird things and more so watching someone else do them. After all everyone loves a light moment and instances which we have never experienced before. From taking the iPhone to its limit to watching daredevils with wingsuit perform death defying stunts. But I’m sure you like seeing things getting crushed and totaled down to nothing more than rubble. Getting viral on Youtube these days is the Hydraulic Press Channel which is showcasing videos of a hydraulic press reducing every damn thing out there to paper thin unrecognizable trash. Damn I’m feeling creepy watching this, you too have a look.
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Hang-on, that’s a gun not a smartphone case?

Ideal Conceal Pistol_1

You just can’t carry a handgun and go around displaying it in public. That is why people go for concealed weapons to attract minimum attention possible. There are many compact pistols that one can carry around, but at the end of the day it is a weapon and you need to conceal it. For this reason Ideal Conceal .380 caliber pistol is here which looks more like a smartphone with case cover. At the push of a button this harmless looking accessory turns into a fatal weapon that can be used for self-defense. No one will ever suspect you of carrying a firearm in the pocket, hand or even if you keep it on a table.
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Lunchbox hack: Bento Watch hides Japanese delicacy inside the dial

Bento Watch

A watch with mouth-watering food inside it and a set of chopsticks to enjoy the delicacy. You got to be kidding me dude. This is Bento Watch designed by Kyoto-based Takii Seeds who wanted to pitch their brand in a unique way. Not a watch brand, but an agriculture product brand marketed in a completely different way. So basically this is a publicity stunt and sadly you won’t get this watch on your wrist any time soon.
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Planet Licker – Your licking skills will be tested in this surprising game

Planet Licker Game

We have seen augmented reality applications, virtual reality stuff and games that capture our imagination. But this one makes you go into drooling mode like crazy. Planet Licker game is all about licking the controller to direct the game character towards the similar colored planet while avoiding obstacles. Wait, did I just say lick? Yes, the player has to lick the gamepad having three ice pops to simulate button presses. The more precise your lick is, the closer will you get towards winning the game. And not to forget that quick licks will make the planet vanish in a jiffy, resulting in a higher score.
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Make Selfie Arms for yourself if you don’t want to get noticed, WTF!

Selfie Arms_1

To every tourist destination you go, you see people posing with selfie sticks in their hand. Over a short period of time selfie sticks have become a popular accessory for people. But for some reason selfie sticks are banned in certain areas. This is the story of a shy geek named Mansoon who was embarrassed to use selfie stick in public. The solution he came with is cool and funny at the same time. He created Selfie Arms that perfectly blend with his real arms (am I exaggerating it a bit) and lets him take selfies.
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Maserati V8 engine powered Lazareth LM 847 motorbike is what Batman would die for

Lazareth LM 847 motorcycle

This mean looking machine fit for Gotham’s superhero Batman is the work of French automotive manufacturer Lazareth. Having four wheels in total the motorcycle is one machine that will let loose your imagination. Deriving its power from a 4.7-liter Maserati V8 engine, the Lazareth LM 847 is nothing like you have seen so far. It is a machine worth riding in your dreams and I’m sure you’ll be already doing that.
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Buy this Spray Detergent Silicon Case for iPhone 6s Plus if you want to look foolish!

Spray Detergent Silicon Case for iPhone 6s Plus and 6s

Every now and then we come across outrageous gadgets and accessories that make us laugh. More than often those kind of things from the Far East and we just can’t resist featuring them here. Probably that is the reason why we’ve created a niche for ourselves. This time around it is an iPhone 6s/6s Plus case that will make you laugh and wonder why it was created in the first place. No surprise it comes from Japanese accessories maker. A case you would not dare put on your phone, but still you’d wonder how cool it is.
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