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$295 ErgoDox EZ keyboard won’t seem that pricy given its features

ErgoDox EZ keyboard_3

When I first saw this $295 keyboard on Indiegogo, I had my doubts. But the more I learned about it the more I thought it was worth every penny. ErgoDox EZ mechanical keyboard can be labelled as the world’s most ergonomic keyboard that has been funded 179% of its original goal. Good news is, you should prepare yourself for this open source keyboard design which is easy to put together and tailor to your specific needs. It has two different adjustable wing pieces for resting your wrists and four metal legs which help in setting up the ergonomic position which is great for people like me who have to write a lot using the keyboard.
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Greek student is youngest ever to build fully-functional life-sized humanoid robot

Dimitris Hatzis Troopy robot

Robotics is not an easy branch of engineering. Best of mechanical engineers take years before they can arrive at a robot. Here is a 15-year-old student, Dimitris Hatzis from Kavala in Northern Greece who has created a life-sized robot using 3D printing, in the processing becoming the youngest person ever to build a life-sized humanoid. Dimitris’ robot, that he calls Troopy, is part of project “InMoov” – an open source platform. Read More…

RePhone: World’s first open source modular phone you can build like you want


If there is a device we have been waiting anxiously for, it has to be Google’s Project Ara – an attempt at a modular smartphone; sadly, Google is only delaying it forever it seems. To assure a modular phone is possible – Seeed has launched Kickstarter campaign for world’s first open source modular phone kit dubbed RePhone. RePhone comprises set of tools and components that can be assembled to remake or redesign your own mobile phone to make and receive calls, send SMS, snap pictures and play music. Read More…

OpenROV Trident mini submarine is aquatic drone for underwater exploration

OpenROV Trident mini submarine

In times when drones are stealing all the limelight, how about an aquatic submarine that is way cooler than any quadcopter out there? After all underwater life is much more fascinating than on land and there is more to explore than we can even think of. Last year we saw the OpenROV tele-robotic submarine successfully pitch to the underwater explorers and it was only time before another improved version captured our eye. OpenROV Trident pitched as an easy to operate underwater drone with an on-board HD camera (1080 resolution @ 30fps) now gives you one more reason to be awe-inspired by the magnificence of underwater life.
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How about a bike that you can download?

Tinker Cafe racer

Jack Lennie, a product design graduate from the Edinburgh Napier University has come-up with a motorcycle design that can be downloaded by anyone in the world. Called as Tinker this open-source bike can be made in your garage itself provided you have knowledge of CAD/CAM computer software. The main aim of this design is to minimize production cost and also the consequent part manufacturing costs.
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CES 2015: Razer OSVR headset is an open source platform for developers

Razer OSVR headset CES 2015

Razer OSVR open source VR headset

Razer at CES 2015 has come up with its own version of HUD headgear for virtual reality and it says that their version is not an Oculus Rift competitor in any way. We however, would like to question that thought as the Razer VR headset is going to give Oculus Rift VR a good complementing aid and perhaps in the future develop its own stand-alone VR headset. Enough to give Oculus Rift worthy competition in its own domain.
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Coin-sized Linux computer that costs just $20

$20 VoCore Linux based computer

A Linux-based computer that is no more than the size of a coin looks all set to be manufactured and commercially available for purchase. VoCore is an open hardware Linux computer that has 32MB SDRAM, 8MB SPI Flash and most of all the RT5350 (360MHz MIPS) processor as its processing brain. A bit better than Arduino controller and Raspberry Pi computer, this small Linux computer can do a plethora of tasks like controlling a robot with camera, portable WiFi router or Arduino controlled projects. Thanks to the successfully achievement of its funding goal on Indiegogo with still more than a month left to go, VoCore has is all set to let loose the imagination of developers and geeks by the end of this year.
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Store your bicycle in style with Clug

Clug bicycle storage solution

Bike storage is not going to be the same again, as Clug gives you one more reason to believe in the possibilities of 3D printing. This small little 3D printed clip stores you bike easily and displays it in style without any hassle. Just clamp on this tiny clip onto anything solid, and your bike is good for storage in a stylish format. Not only does is store your bike in a visually appealing way but also saves space in your home or office. You can clamp it onto walls, tree trunks or wherever you think will be the right place to store your bike in style. And when your bike is not hooked on to the Clug, it looks like any other wall decoration with its cool form factor and colors.

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Glaucus quadruped robot morphs into any shape sans any moving parts

Glaucus soft robot quadruped 3D printed

First look at this robot without any mechanical parts and it reminds me of Flubber. A form changing silicone robot that is 3D printed and changes shape via the inflating interior chambers. Glaucus (named after Blue Sea Slug Glaucus Atlanticus) is an open source quadruped robot designed by Super-Releaser that is capable of reproducing any body shape and even walk like a salamander by balancing on a pair of legs.

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Flexy-Hand is a 3D printed prosthetic hand with stretchable artificial tendons

Flexy hand prosthetic hand

Prosthetic hands give the unfortunate people who have lost their limb in accident or those who have some deformity from birth, a new lease of life as they thank technology for making their life normal. In the past few months we have seen lots of prosthetic hands developed by geeks who want to change the world for better and some have even provided open source information on how others can improve and make a better version of their prosthetic hands. Combining the possibilities of 3D printing and robotic hand, Steve Wood has made his own version of a prosthetic hand known as Flexy-Hand that looks amazingly close to what a real hand would be like. It took only 20 hours to 3D print this open source prosthetic hand after a day’s design routine.
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