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Raspberry Pi releases own Pixel OS for PC and Mac

raspberry oS
Raspberry Pi has announced introduction of its own, light-weight OS for Mac and PC– the Pixel. The OS is built on Debian and is light. That means, it can run on almost all old machines. Pixel OS includes a simple and clean desktop UI. The OS won’t ask the user to install it in order to access it. It can be downloaded, burn into disc, and can just run simply through a USB flash drive. It is as simple as a small tweak in PC’s BIOS. Mac users can do it by just pressing C key down while booting. The OS will offer the Chromium web browser and suite of productivity and coding tools that includes a lot of useful Linux apps except MineCraft or Woldfram Mathematica. Read More…

Apple iOS 10 gets noticeable updates, here’s a detailed look at them

Apple iOS 10

At the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), Apple made some key announcements which will decide the course for the next twelve months. Major updates included tweaks and improvements for Mac, Apple Watch, iPhone and Apple TV. As promised earlier in the detailed article about those major announcements at WWDC, we here concentrate on what iOS 10 update brings on the platter for Apple iPhone and iPad users. Simply because there are more than 1 billion iOS devices being used globally. The operating system has been kind of revamped from bottom up and gives us a chance to discuss about all the new features worth mentioning. And yes, Tim Cook did mention that iOS 10 is the mother of all releases.
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iOS 9 overview: 11 most Integral features to know before upgrading

Important features of iOS 9

Apple has made some serious product launches this past week and it was at the Hey Siri event we learnt that new operating system for Apple’s mobile devices was rolling out on September 16. Living up to the expectation, Apple launched iOS 9 on schedule. iOS 9 runs on the same hardware as iOS 8, it is not visually very different and it also feels almost like iOS 8 – but still, there are host of difference, which you must know before upgrading. Read More…

Android 6.0 will officially be called “Marshmallow” Google confirms

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Android 6.0 OS is going be called Marshmallow

Information on Google’s next operating system for mobile devices was building up in the last few months, and finally Android M has an official name. Google has announced that the next Android 6.0 operating system is going to be called as Android Marshmallow, laying all speculations about Android Milkshake to rest. The final version of this OS is nearing completion and as a result 6.0 SDK final Developer Preview update is now available to developers (SDK Manager in Android Studio) for coming up with API level 23 apps.
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Android M brings voicemail support and more to your device

Android M

Android’s next mobile operating system Android M all set to be released in Q3 2015 is already being tested by the developers and now you can also download the developers Preview 1 and Preview 2 on their Nexus devices. The Preview 2 rolled out couple of days ago and its major highlight is the inclusion of visual voicemail which somehow never happened to Android users. And it is one less thing for iOS users to brag about since Apple devices have had visual voice-mail for ages.
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Apple Watch hacked to run Mac operating system, but why?

Apple Watch running Mac OS

You won’t believe me if I said that an Apple Watch can run Macintosh OS 7.5.5. To prove this statement true, Nick Lee shared a video of the Apple smartwatch running two decade old Mac OS released on September 27, 1996. The software was made for the Power Macintosh 5500 and Steve Jobs would never have thought that a watch-sized gadget would run this OS. And if you can’t believe your eyes, yes it is Mac operating system starting flawlessly on the Apple Watch and running like a charm with the classic Mac OS logo clearly showing.
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Apple WWDC: Mac OS X El Capitan supersedes Yosemite OS with loads of features

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan

Apple Mac OS X El Capitan

It comes as no surprise that Apple has previewed its new big iteration of Mac OS at the WWDC 2015. Just like last year when Mac OS X 10.10 Yosemite was released at the Worldwide Developers Conference, the next operating system codenamed as OS X El Capitan was unraveled at a keynote presented by Craig Federighi. Just like the iOS 9, this operating system for Mac focuses on improved performance and features that are oriented towards modern lifestyle and increasing productivity.
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Apple WWDC: watchOS 2 shows the power of Apple Watch with all new interface

Apple Watch watchOS 2 WWDC 2015

To compliment a decent hardware, good software always plays a pivotal role. Apple Watch just got itself a new software at the WWDC 2015 and it gives the smartwatch a major facelift. Apple watchOS 2 preview at the keynote showed how beautiful the smartwatch looks with the new operating system, not to mention the powerful lot of apps that extend its functionality three folds. The most important element of a smartwatch is its face, and Apple has made a point with the new OS’s interface that looks better any day compared to the maiden Apple Watch face.
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Apple WWDC: iOS 9 preview confirms improved Siri, Apps and a whole lot more

Apple iOS 9 WWDC 2015

iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running on iOS 9

Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) 2015 just got underway and like every year this edition also brings a whole bunch of surprises and other announcements that were expected. One of the important announcements made by Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering included the revelation of Apple iOS 9 preview. This operating system for Apple’s mobile devices like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch will make its final launch in fall 2015, but Apple gave a sneak-peak of all the improvements that will come hooked to this OS.
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Striking announcements made at Google I/O Conference 2015

Striking announcements made at Google IO Conference

Google I/O Conference 2015 held in Moscone Center West, San Francisco just got concluded couple of days ago and there were many revelations that took us by surprise. Google has been trying to dominate the innovation and technology forefront with its acquisitions in the past and now it has another trick up its sleeve. That trick being, teaming up with renowned brands and successful innovative companies to come up with their own vision for the future. This year’s I/O keynote was totally focused on future of software applications, augmented reality and wearable technology which are fast becoming the corner stones of technology that is up for grabs in the near future. Here are some of the most eye-catchy and well-worth announcements that took place at Google I/O Conference 2015, read on to know the details.
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