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Revolutionary nanotechnology charges smartphone in mere 30 seconds

Storedot Organic phone charger

Charging you gadgets in a matter of seconds could become a reality as an Israeli based company has invented a revolutionary nanotechnology which is a collection of nanodots of biological origin which have enhanced electrode capacitance. Add to that the increased battery life expectancy that can survive thousands of charges and you have a battery charging solution that will ridicule all other methods without question. At Microsoft’s Think Next conference Tel Aviv University revealed its prototype charging device called StoreDot that can juice up your smartphone in just 30 seconds using Multi Function Electrode and that technology could be in your hands come the year 2016.
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Aster bench from Neri has built-in wi-fi and OLED lighting

A few days back we brought you the Kettal Cottage relaxing lounge that doesn’t integrate any tech features. But, Aster from Neri gives a news identity to ultra-modern outdoor living as it combines design with technology. The design that provides comfort and privacy at the same time is a true urban cocoon offering an easy access to your lovable gadgets, and wi-fi for smooth browsing and streaming of relaxing music via Bluetooth connectivity. The roof is fitted with an ultra-thin film of organic OLED lights which a user can turn on and/or off with the help of a touch sensitive panel embedded in the bench.
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