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Intricate Olympic figures crafted from paper using serial plane technique

Paper Crafted Olympic player poses

Paper Artist Raya Sader Bujana from Barcelona has collaborated with photographer Leo García Méndez to create a collection of stock photography themed on Olympic players customary play poses. Giving a very different touch to how Olympics as a sport leaves a lasting impression on our subconscious, the artist has created 150 paper crafts which include popular poses of athletes in different disciplines. The serial plane technique makes use of 3mm paper pieces glued together to create a 3D effect which requires a lot of patience and craft.
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Researchers develop graphene nanobots powered by light and heat

Graphene micro robots

Making headway into the development of nano robots that could be useful in many fields is this origami robot made from light-weight graphene material. A research by a team of Chinese engineers and material scientists at Donghua University in Shanghai have come-up with a unique method to propel graphene sheets almost like a robot controlled by a remote controller.
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This origami crane is a Japanese drone with flying wings

Origami drone

Japanese are very potent at creating things other people just can’t think about, be it robotics or their secretive technology that no one knows till now. At this year’s CEATEC Expo in Japan, ROHM Semiconductor (electronics part maker) showed-off their crane like drone that is capable of flying in any kind of environment like a bird. Basically it is a drone with wings.
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Fold your favorite superheroes into cool origami art

Superheroes origami art

Who doesn’t love superheroes; they give us hope, courage and reason to live life with a purpose. Alright that was a bit dramatic, but superheroes rule our minds subconsciously, no denying that. For this reason superhero merchandize and DIYs related to superheroes are so popular worldwide. Now, Capstone Publishers gives you another reason to turn your superheroes into playful origami for unstoppable fun.
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Grove’s bamboo made Wood Smart Case for iPad Air can be folded

Grove's Wood Smart Case

The style quotient of bamboo is still quite unmatched when it comes to those sylvan inspirations. The designers from Grove have taken advantage of this novel aesthetic scope, and combined it with practicality to conceive the Wood Smart Case. And well, what a time they have chosen to unveil their product!  The new iPad Air which was just revealed on 22nd October, already boasts of a 20 percent thinner profile than its predecessor. And, if you are one of those users who don’t want to ‘infringe’ upon this slimness, the Wood Smart Case is surely the way to go. Instead of adding fat layers of plastic, the cover design only exhibits a thickness of 0.5-inch from supple wood. So, the exquisite form factor of the phone is maintained, while also protecting it from those nasty knocks and drops.

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7FT Gundam Ultimate Paper Craft creation is surreal

7FT Gundam Ultimate Papercraft

Have a look at this 213 cm long and 4.5 kg awe-inspiring 7FT Gundam Ultimate Paper craft made from 1250 individually crafted pieces of 720 paper sheets by designer Taras Lesk who has produced some other eye-popping paper craft creations like Bugatti Veyron. After carefully getting out the required prints on paper for various parts like jetpacks, fuselage, arms legs and other props; Taras then set out on assembling each of these parts to get this amazing creation out to the general public. Inner skeleton is made out of 12 foam board for additional support and the legs are made with many layers of parts on top of each other. So all you creative geeks who want to make something similar of want to get some valuable design cues for crafting your own paper craft version, have a look at this 7FT Gundam Papercraft movie followed by some more pictures.

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Oru Kayak folds into itself and is inspired by the art of origami

Have a look at this folding Kayak up on Kickstarter platform and no wonder it surpassed the funding goal of $80,000 by almost double the amount with 27 more days still to go! Called as Oru Kayak: The origami folding boat designed by Willis caught everyone’s eye, as it folds into a compact box in a jiffy so that you can carry it around like a bag anywhere. The inspiration of-course is the art of origami and perfect for adventurers who like to high the rough seas in their kayak with minimum hassle of transporting it to the remote locations.
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Walking cardboard animal sculptures

Now that it has been established that cardboard is the most common green material used by artists, we find it very apt as these sculptures get a perfect shape. Completely made out of cardboard, these three inspiring kinetic creatures prove it again that the creativity has no bounds. Named Elly, Rory, and Geno, these three cardboard animal sculptures can actually walk with the help of laser-cut wooden gears and a small electric motor powered by AAA battery.
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