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Heartbeat-powered, Swiss watch-style device will power pacemakers of tomorrow


watch like pacemaker battery

On the tune of automatic watches that harvest power from movement of the wrist, researchers have developed a wristwatch-style device, which will power pacemakers by drawing power from the heart itself. The smartwatch-style device is created by two researchers – Andreas Haeberlin and Adrian Zurbuchen from the University of Bern and Michigan respectively. Read More…

World’s first wireless pacemaker can be implanted directly in the heart without surgery

Indian scientist creates world’s first wireless cardiac pacemaker

Invention of heart pacemakers has saved many a lives over the years. Ever since though, not much has changed about how pacemakers work. Now, scientists claim a wireless pacemaker, which is placed in the heart instead of being connected to it via cables, has shown positive results in early testing. The one-of-its-kind leadless pacemaker has been tested for over a year and the results have been comparable to the traditional cardiac pacing technology.
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