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Ibuprofen skin patch delivers consistent drug for 12 hours of pain-relief

Ibuprofen patch medicinal drug_2

Ibuprofen has been used as a medicine for relief from chronic pain, inflammatory conditions or arthritis for some many years. First there were the good old medicines and then came the gel version which could be applied to the affected area. Now making a technological upgrade to the non-invasive way in which ibuprofen can be administered is this tattoo like medical patch.
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Wearable gadget that numbs pain without any invasive methods

NeuroMetrix Quell wearable gadget

NeuroMetrix has announced that at CES 2015 they will release Quell, a wearable pain relief device which is similar to the Unilife Injectors in a way. This wearable gadget will neutralize chronic pain without any non-invasive methods courtesy the neurostimulation technology. NeuroMetrix can be worn without any discomfort during the day and night time too making it a very feasible method to track the pain therapy being employed for any particular ailment.
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