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Rechargeable paper battery can bend and fold, store record levels of energy

Power paper - paper battery

We have used paper in many forms, and now researchers at the Linkoping University – a state university in Linkoping, Sweden, want us to use paper as an efficient battery. Not just any ordinary battery, but a storage solution that’s comparable with some of the best super-capacitors on market. Called the “power paper” – the state-of-the-art material is made from renewable nano-cellulose (same cellulose fibers used in paper) and conductive polymer. The rechargeable battery is being developed to create more sustainable and environmentally-friendly ways to store energy. Read More…

Epson’s PaperLab is in-office paper recycling machine we always wanted

Seiko Epson PaperLab

Paper is the most used item in an office. It is also the most wasted commodity. Offering a green initiative to change the way we use paper in office, Seiko Epson has developed what is the world’s first office paper recycling system. Called PaperLab, the 8.5-foot-wide machine is created with the purpose to convert used paper into clean, new white sheet in matter of minutes, without the use of water. Scheduled to go on sale in Japan in 2016, PaperLab has been designed to strip paper into fiber before it is treated with additives to bind fabric back, remove color on used paper and return it with the lustrous white appearance.    Read More…

Book that germinates into a tree – Mother Nature is so gonna love this!

Tree Book Tree

Book reading is a good habit, but on hind site we don’t realize how many trees are felled down each year to make millions of books that we read. Somehow the circle of Tree becomes paper and paper becomes a book is incomplete as we are not giving nature back enough. This very though provoked publishing company Pequeño Editor to make a children’s book (recommended for 8-12 year old child) that can be planted in the ground after reading. Eventually with time it becomes a jacaranda tree and completes the full circle of tree becomes paper, paper becomes book and book becomes a tree!
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Modular Paper Robot walks like an insect and should be kept away from fire!

Paper Robot ZURI

Arduino-powered Paper Robot

Robotics have taken a huge leap ever since the Japanese and Chinese geeks decided to take matters in their own hands, coming up with some unbelievable applications of robotics. German’s are not that far too and this paper robot proves the fact. Meet ZURI (a.k.a Paper Robot), a programmable modular robot that is made from paper and grey cardboard. The robot is currently in its prototype stage and can be assembled in just a matter of minutes using household tools.
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Novalia Paper keyboard will be the thinnest computer peripheral

Novalia Paper Keyboard

Printed keyboard that is as thin as a paper could be a reality in the coming months as Novalia, a Cambridge based company has plans to unveil a printed keyboard that will be cost effective. The process has metal plates with circuit engraved with conductive ink that can print at 100m/minute which is cheaper than traditional electronics. In this new kind of manufacturing method, the A4 paper is embedded with a layer of conductive ink which is sandwiched in such a way that it becomes responsive just like any other touch screen. This means, it can be attached to car windscreen, side of a glass etc. for input to a tablet or PC for example.
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Disney’s Paper Generators produce electricity by rubbing or touching

Disney Research Paper Generators

Disney Research is always one the move when it comes to latest innovative technology that helps preserve nature and at the same time provide feasible solutions. This time again they have us with their new way of harvesting energy from touching, tapping, rubbing and sliding you fingers over a piece of paper. Called as Paper Generators, these electricity producing papers are based on electrets that hold electric charge and amazingly they can be made at home by you too. The phenomenon is quite simple as you rub a PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) with paper sheet, the charge is produced and when connected with wires to a LED (for example) it lights up. The idea is to produce charge by friction and therefore you can either do it in a circular motion or rubbing motion.

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