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Build your own tiny, functional paper V8 engine with these plans and tutorials

v8 paper engine
Aliaksei Zholner, an incredible papercraft artist, is offering DIY geeks a chance to build a DIY tiny, functional paper V8 engine. Though, it appears quite challenging, some of the readers might benefit from the charts and step-by-step development of parts and assembly given in a PDF file. It would require lots of cutting and assembly that is very complex. Read More…

7FT Gundam Ultimate Paper Craft creation is surreal

7FT Gundam Ultimate Papercraft

Have a look at this 213 cm long and 4.5 kg awe-inspiring 7FT Gundam Ultimate Paper craft made from 1250 individually crafted pieces of 720 paper sheets by designer Taras Lesk who has produced some other eye-popping paper craft creations like Bugatti Veyron. After carefully getting out the required prints on paper for various parts like jetpacks, fuselage, arms legs and other props; Taras then set out on assembling each of these parts to get this amazing creation out to the general public. Inner skeleton is made out of 12 foam board for additional support and the legs are made with many layers of parts on top of each other. So all you creative geeks who want to make something similar of want to get some valuable design cues for crafting your own paper craft version, have a look at this 7FT Gundam Papercraft movie followed by some more pictures.

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