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Samsung patent suggests smartwatch with projectable virtual user-interface and display

samsung patent smartwatch

Although, most of the blogosphere thinks it’s too futuristic to be nearing production, Samsung’s new patent has still created quite a buzz in industry as well as in the blogosphere. Smartwatch makers are working hard to overcome limitations posed by tiny space for user-interface and SkinTrack is on good example of how to overcome it. On the same lines, Samsung has applied for a patent showing illustration of how it would solve this problem in a sci-fi way: using projection technology to project user-interface onto forearm, on wrists, along the length of the arm, and even on large surfaces like doors and walls for larger projection. Read More…

Samsung patents movable display UI for future smartwatches

Samsung movable display

Samsung has always been known to come-up with bold innovations and there is no reason why they should stop. In a latest patent filed by the electronics giant, they have come-up with the idea of a very interesting smartwatch user interface that changes position according to the position of wearer’s face. To do this the smartwatch uses camera, motion sensor and input via the microphone to locate the position and then determine where to position the screen elements.
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Apple granted patent for moving on-screen objects by tapping back-side of the iPhone

Apple iPhone 7 touch input patent

Apple is a staunch believer in patenting everything that it believes to be the future of technology. In the past we have seen numerous patents being granted to Apple and now the silicon valley giant has been awarded a row of 38 patents by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office which include technology for 3D biometrics ID, iPhone Tapping for games and much more. That is some list of granted patents, but for now we focus on the one we believe will feature in Apple’s next smartphone speculated to be called iPhone7 and even the next iteration of the iPad.
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Apple looking to give iPhone a serious face-lift with uni-body design

Apple iPhone metal body design

Ever bothered what those two strips of plastic on the back side your iPhone are? Are these strips a part of the design or something else? If you have no idea about those two plastic strips, well they are antenna lines of your Apple smartphone that are in place to send and receive radio signals. They are plastic-coated in that area to make sure there is no interference of radio signals, therefore Apple has to incorporate these plastic lines in the design.
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Apple working on interchangeable lens smartphone and tablet

Apple interchangable lens camera device

Apple could very well be on the way to making world’s first interchangeable lens smartphone as they have been issued U.S. Patent No. 8,687,299 by U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that allows iOS device to be fitted with a bayonet mount. The bayonet mount apparently is used in photography as a lens attachment mechanism to attach various camera lenses. Other methods of mounting camera lenses include cases with built-in screw mounts or magnetic mounts both of which are very impractical and impeach the basic design of a smartphone/tablet and not secure as well.
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