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This PC Desk packs loads of hardware for hungry gamers

PC Desk case mod

PC mods are cool and making a custom designed PC case is interesting and worth the effort. For that very reason DIY’ers invest a lot of time in building unique case mods. This one though is in a league of its own for its sheer design niche. In fact it is shaped like a desk which has loads of cabinets to house all your fancy, powerful hardware. The DIY desk is work of [Crafted Workshop] who call it desk PC which is true to its name and function.
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MSI VR One backpack PC works with HTC Vive

MSI VR One backpack PC

At the Computex in Taiwan earlier this year, backpack PCs for virtual reality were all the rage. Taking advantage of almost nascent market, MSI in collaboration with HTC has launched its backpack PC called the VR One. The PC you can carry on the back features an angular look and is made to work perfectly with the HTC Vive VR headset. According to MSI, the PC also works just fine with the Oculus Rift. Read More…

Batmobile PC Case themed on Batman v Superman movie

Batmobile PC Case

Look at this cool Batmobile and you won’t believe what it actually is. A PC case to be precise. Yes folks this PC case mod is insane and has been created as a part of the MSI challenge to build a Batman-themed case mod. Made from scratch, this machine looks strikingly close to the real Batmobile Tumbler featured in Batman V Superman movie. This is work of [Thechoozen] and his friends’ who have created this case from scratch and boy have they done a good job of it.
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HP Sprout all-in-one desktop scans 3D objects for better learning

HP Sprout all in one PC desktop_4

Your PC can mean your world and what you make of it is completely at your discretion. You can do so much with the world’s knowledge just a few keywords a-drift. Targeting the tech savvy section of young people who are keen on learning new ways to explore the possibilities with their computer, HP wants to bring the pearls of knowledge right onto your fingertips. HP Sprout all-in-one desktop for the creative lot out there has a 3D camera sitting right on top of the desktop screen which is capable of scanning real objects and create a rendered image on desktop to toggle around with.
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Things to consider when buying a gaming laptop

Buy gaming laptop

Buying that perfectly portable gaming PC can seem like a pipe dream, especially when most hardcore gamers opt for customized desktops so they can easily be upgraded to run the latest graphics. Modern laptops, however, are built to run games at 1080p resolution and higher without any limitations on the game’s performance. This makes it easier than ever to find the right gaming laptop, allowing you to take your favorite gaming experience with you no matter where you end up.

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Fully-functional Lego computer seen at BrickCon 2015

Lego Computer by Jeffrey Tom

At the 14th BrickCon this year in Seattle Center Exhibition Hall, Jeffrey Tom showed-off his fully-functional Lego Computer paired with a home media server. Joshua Hanlon from BrickPodcast got hold of Tom and asked him about this amazing PC mod which recreates a whole Lego movie like scene on top of this PC. Made from one complete base, the desktop is running Windows 7 OS and the home server running a Windows Media Server 2009.

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Apple announces 21.5-inch iMac with 4K display and other ‘Magic’ accessories


Apple is giving its 21.5-inch iMac a good boost of 4K resolution (4096 x 2304) on the new HiDPI Retina display which is a big leap from the 1080 resolution display. That means a sharper and vivid display which will make it even more desirable. Along with that Apple is giving it a boost with faster processor, RAM and graphics improvement. The 27-inch 5K model (5,120 x 2,880 resolution) also comes with the wider color gamut boost for reproducing colors on the screen.
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“Back to the Mod” –Yeah, that’s what this DeLorean PC case is actually called

Back to the Mod Delorean PC case mod

Modder Marc Molella has refurbished his old PC into an impressive mod that pays homage to the legendary DMC-12 DeLorean from the movie “Back to the Future”. Very aptly he calls this DeLorean-shaped PC case mod as “Back to the Mod” and says that this modding effort focuses on the design aspect rather than its hardware configuration. Not that the hardware fails to impress in any way, but Marc wants us to concentrate more on the looks of this cool PC case.
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New HP Envy 34 is world’s widest curved all-in-one PC

HP Envy 34-inch curved all-in-one PC

Chances are you love all-in-one PCs and curved screens since they look appealing. To give you a taste of both in one extremely stunning package – HP has launched the Envy 34-inch curved all-in-one computer. Not really a new concept, but if for some reason you needed the widest curved screen all-in-one PC money can buy, this is the wonderful package you can take home. Measuring over three feet diagonally, the PC has 3,440 x 1,440 resolution 34-inch display offering an immaculate 178-degree viewing angle.
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Aye-Mac is world’s first Irn-Bru cooled custom computer

Irn-Bru cooled computer

Every computer, from the largest gaming rig to the smallest PC on your desk generates heat. Heat that can burn the innards of the system. We’ve seen fan and water cooled computers already; pushing that a stride further, enthusiastic modder John Lawson and his colleagues at PC Doctor (with shared passion for computers and Irn-Bru) have custom built a computer that is cooled by the country’s favorite orange beverage – the Irn-Bru – and it is called the ‘Aye-Mac.’   Read More…