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3D printed Bastion computer case is every Overwatch fans fantasy

3D printed Bastion  PC case mod

Multiplayer video game Overwatch has found its way into almost every screen. The game is a center of attraction for abundance of gamers, who can live stream their game on social media. After ZaziNombies created famous Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns from the game in LEGOs, a PC case modder Jan Erik Vangen has 3D printed a desktop computer after Bastion – the most loved character in Overwatch. If you didn’t know it was a computer, you could simply mistake it for a robot. Read More…

Lian-Li mesmerizes with PC-Y6 Yacht-themed case mod

lian-li-yacht themed PC case mod

Custom case mods are always too exciting to resist. And if Lian-Li spectacularly exciting train PC case mod wasn’t good enough, Lian-Li is back with a new computer case good for floating on water. Don’t take me literally; check out the new PC-Y6 ODESSEY Yacht themed aluminum case mod. If you’re someone who wants more crazy in life, the case mod is directed at you. We don’t have a word on price yet, but there’s no prize for guessing the crazy you would shell anything for this beauty. Read More…

Wooden Travel Case PC casemod brings retro back into vogue


If you have a way with words and also like suit cases, you will surely love the Wooden Travel Case Case Mod. Bringing back the original case in a case mod, the design by Grant Anderson harks back to the era of subtleties and tuxedos. This fascinating retro essence is upheld by the use of solid wood as the prevalent case material, which is complemented by a host of brass hinges and catches along with James Bond-esque hidden compartments. Of course, all of these classy attributes directly relate to the form factor of the computer in question, which in turn bridges the gap between a laptop and a PC.

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Powerful Flightline casemod draws inspiration from Wright brothers’ monument

Flightline casemod

For all of us a trip to the Wright Brothers Museum and Memorial park in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina means a leisure stroll, for Jeffery Stephenson a.k.a. Slipperyskip however, it means an inspiration for his computer case mod. Inspired by the monument of the Wright brothers at the park, he has built the Flightline casemod in different types of woods. The exquisite computer case has a specially made back plate for its Gigabyte H77TN Mini-ITX motherboard and comprises of 167 handmade parts made from quilted maple and aircraft grade birch plywood with mahogany forming the base.

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This glowing Barrel PC Casemod rolled me over two times!

When we see a finely customized PC casemod, it’s just so difficult to stay away. We can’t but help ourselves from appreciating the ingenuity and character – of both the modder and the modification. Now, having seen a host of very creatively made casemods, it may be difficult to claim which is actually the best, but for some reason, this barrel project PC case is surely one of its kind, and is the most ingenious we’ve seen in a while. Made out a barrel the modder got from his father, it has a basement made from an old cabinet on which the universal motherboard (which comes off in case something needs to be changed) is kept.
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