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Aria clip-on module ensures your smartwatch is gesture controlled

Aria gesture control for smartwatches

Back in 2010, Microsoft first introduced gesture controls in mainstream with the Kinect, followed by Leap Motion doing the same for personal computers a few years later. Now, a startup called Deus Ex Technology visions to bring gesture controls to the smartest new device – the smartwatches through a novel device called Aria. Aria is a module that can fit any smartwatch band and act as a gesture controller for the smart timepiece. Allowing you to control smartwatch with finger gestures means, you can control the watch even when your other hand is busy – you flick through applications on the watch with the same hand you have the watch on.   Read More…

The new Pebble Time smartwatch comes with color e-paper display

Pebble Time smartwatch

It was about two years ago in 2012 when the first smartwatch by Pebble was launched that took the world with surprise. Well, the innovative team is back with their third-generation smartwatch that comes with a new color e-paper display and microphone for responding to notifications. Called Pebble Time, the smartwatch features a slimmer body and is the first to include a color e-paper screen. Easy to read and always-on, perfect for displaying incoming notifications and your favorite watchface, the color e-paper screen of the Pebble Time is the most impressive feature of the smartwatch. Looks like Pebble are betting on this feature to compete with the like of Apple watch and other smartwatch manufacturers.
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