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MB&F Astrograph pen inspired by the dream of space travel

MB&F Astrograph pen_1

Yes, we are obsessed with horological machines, especially the ones by MB&F. Taking a detour from their usual routine of creating timepieces which are unique and inspired from unrelated things, this time around the Swiss manufacturer has come-up with something interesting.
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Cronzy pen scans any color in the world to let you write in it

Cronzy pen

Click pens with interchangeable spring-loaded ink cartridges were the best we could have when we were growing up. These pens would let you use few different colors for doodling or writing. Come 2016 and we are in for a pen that would let you scan any color in the nature to use it for sketching, writing or even scribbling when you’ve got nothing to do at work. Dubbed the Cronzy, this is a pen seeking crowdfunding on Indiegogo. Read More…

Star Wars-themed fountain pens by S.T. Dupont for the fat pocketed

S.T. Dupont Limited Edition fountain pens

As a Star Wars fan this is the purple patch you want to live in. Internet is filled with virtually everything related to Star Wars in anticipation of the episode VII ‘the Force Awakens’. S.T. Dupont is also looking to give all Star Wars fans and collectors the opportunity to bring home a piece of exclusive writing instrument themed on Lightsaber or the iconic X-Wings Starfighter. Both these writing instruments are unique and only a handful will be available for purchase.
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Smartmarker syncs doodled content on whiteboard to you PC and smartphone

Luidia Equil Smartmarker

No matter how many gizmos and gadgets you own, the good old whiteboard and marker still rule the roost in meetings and brainstorming sessions. But how many times during any brainstorming sessions does one encounter a situations where the illustrator is writing too fast and you are not able to take all notes. Luidia Equil Smartmarker looks to end this quandary by synching everything being written on a whiteboard to your smartphone, tablet or PC. The smart marker is equipped with sensors that detect the movement of the marker when intended, and then immediately send the data to connected device like a smartphone.
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Transformer Convoy Pen is also an Optimus Prime action figure

Transformer Convoy Pen

A writing instrument that transforms into an Optimus Prime, Transformer like figurine. This pen called as Transformer Convoy Pen by Sentinel might not be as comfortable to hold as you would like, but it is cool alright. When being used as a pen it is 10.5cm while in the Transformer mode it become a 14.3cm-long Optimus Prime toy.
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Lix pen: Sleek 3D printing pen lets you create tangible 3D drawings

Lix 3D printing pen

For those who want to go beyond the canvas to show off their 3D painting and rendering skills 3D printing has the apt answer. 3D Doodler 3D printing pen took the world by the storm as it gives creative artists a chance to showcase their skills, but it has one real downside, it was too big to hold and carry around. So it is time to introduce Lix 3D printing pen developed by Anton Suvorov which is sleek and very easy to handle while rendering 3D drawings and a viable answer for what 3D Doodler lacked. Slated as the smallest 3D pen so far, Lix is all set to rock Kickstarter in a few weeks’ time.

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Pen-shaped Bluetooth headset functions as stylus

Elecom pen-shaped Bluetooth headset

Got bored with the usual Bluetooth headsets? Then it’s high time you get a techy Bluetooth headset that doubles as a stylus pen for your smartphone or tablet. Elecom has revealed a pen-shaped Bluetooth headset that is light-weight and won’t tire your arms or hands while having long conversations on the phone, plus it is something completely different from the basic Bluetooth headsets. The pen is equipped with a vibration motor that gives any notification of incoming calls even when your smartphone or tablet is not at arm’s length for taking up calls. When you don’t need it, just put it in your pocket and others will think it is a pen.
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Jackpen: A pen that can be carried inside iPhone’s headphone socket


Contemporary technology aiding yesteryear modes? A few days ago, we talked about physical keyboards emerging as ‘purist’ extensions to smartphone touchscreens. And, now we have come across the Jackpen, a diminutive pen that can actually be carried inside your iPhone! How so? Well, the bantam pen showcases an exclusively small form factor that can easily fit in the phone’s standard headphone socket. Shaped like a conventional 3.5 mm audio jack, the nib of the pen goes inwards into the socket. This charming solution transforms your mobile device into a nifty pen storing mechanism.

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Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale made for creative people

Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale

We live in a disposable culture and pens are one of the best examples of this very disposable culture. A pen is the best tool for people who are creative and product designers who put their ideas on paper and then refine it using advanced 3D graphics software. So Pranay and Paul who themselves are innovative designers decided to make a pen that would serve the purpose of designer, illustrator or an architect. Not only does it support the refills of a wide range of drafting pens but it also functions as a stylus for your tablet when needed. Dubbed as Apollo Technical Pen and Drafting Scale, it is made from total of 11 parts and the hex body is made from aerospace grade titanium that is blasted with glass beads and electroplating process makes it smooth and scratch resistant.

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4 Function Ruler Pen is your pencil, stylus and highlighter too

4 Function Ruler Pen

During a recent event that DamnGeeky organized one thing that I realized was that you desperately need tools that can multifunction and save you from carrying everything in your pockets. This 4 Function Ruler Pen by designer Adrian Olabuenaga is definitely one of them and would come handy for a variety of purposes when needed. It can function as a pen, pencil, highlighter and PDA stylus too, apart from the evident measurement function via the body imprinted ruler. Although this is one multi-purpose pen that comes nowhere near the technologically advanced gadgets that we feature on our portal but still good enough when it comes to practical use when needed.

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