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App connected Canhe-Fit pet collar monitors health and nutrition levels

CanheFit health monitor for pets

You are going crazy about all the fitness and health tracking gadgets in the market, so why not have on for your pet? Yes, a wearable for your loved pets that’ll keep you informed about their nutrition and health. Canhegat, France-based engineering and design company has created a monitoring device for household pets that we’ll see debut at CES 2016. This device is going to be like a pendant which can be attached to the pet’s collar to monitor nutrition, exercise levels and overall health status.
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Projection Pendant projects you priceless photographs on the wall

Projection pendant

What are the two most precious gifts any women would love to have from her lover? Most definitely an exquisite piece of jewelry and the priceless photographs of those special moments when the world around you stops. John Ding who is a regular guy deeply in love with his soul mate Becky, wanted to make something very different for her and came up with his own version of a silver pendant that can project Instagram photographs on any smooth surface. Therefore came into existence the Projecting Pendant which Becky showed around to friends and family, impressing each one of them who requested John to make more of such kind of pendants. So after extensive designing, John kept on pondering over the possibility of commercializing his creation and finally put it up on Kickstarter platform for funding.

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