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Samsung Otto – New ‘personal assistant robot’ looking to leapfrog Amazon Echo/Alexa

Samsung Otto personal assitant robot

Samsung wanted to point out some of their advance technologies, which it did very well at the Samsung Developer Conference 2016 held in San Francisco. The Korean tech giant is after robotics and IoT (Internet of things) from the past couple of years and at the SDC, company took the veil off its come out with ‘Otto’- personal assistant robot or say smart speaker prototype that can establish connectivity and control a number of IoT devices. Read More…

Make sure you don’t fall in love with the Personal Robot this valentine!

Personal Robot by robotbase

Always wanted a personal robot that knows your every need, mood and everything else? A personal assistant that is smarter than any other robot and learns your life chores as it spends time with you? Well, Personal Robot by Robotbase, a Kickstarter project that promises to bring home a personal assistant which can do everything right from safeguarding your home to suggesting what to wear for a special occasion! Reaching almost twice the funding goal amount with more than two weeks to go, Personal Robot will bring artificial intelligence of the highest level to your life.
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Amazon Echo: Voice controlled speaker with brains that’ll put Siri to shame!

Amazon Echo bluetooth speaker

For years Amazon has been innovating in the product and services market not only by giving a platform for ecommerce but also by developing intuitive products of their own. This time around Amazon has created a product that I have to say has impressed me beyond imagination, simply because of its functionality and the way in which it could make our lives interesting. Amazon Echo is a Siri, Google Now or Cortana like personal assistant shoved inside a speaker of cylindrical form factor to solve any quires that you shoot its way.
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Voice-activated personal assistant with Raspberry Pi as functioning brain

Raspberri Pi assistant

Instructables user [janw] has made for himself a Raspberry Pi powered personal assistant that can tell weather stats or play music just by voice commands. Made from a dust-biting 1950s bakelite Televox intercom purchased from local store for just $9, the Raspberri Personal Assistant speaks out certain things when demanded. Since intercom made for a very good platform for making such a project, Raspberry Pi was the best thing he could use for gaining such interesting functionality. The speech script does all the talking as it returns pre-defined output of your own scripts. [janw] has published the instructions to make Raspberri Personal Assistant and after the jump you can watch the video of the DIY project in action.
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