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Segway One S1– Self-balancing, single-wheel ride to be unveiled at CES 2017

Segway One S1Segway Inc. is well known as a leading provider of electric personal transportation. The company had begun with its quest to deliver new generation personal mobility devices in 2001 and now it has penetrated into various markets including law-enforcement. In November, Segaway in collaboration with Ninebot had announced the One S1- a single-wheel mobility device for pre-sale exclusively on Amazon for $749.
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Hoverboard getting too dangerous? Time to convert it into a HoverSeat

HoverCart hoverboard attachment for safe personal commuting

Hoverboards have become a bit of scare crow in the last few months owing to numerous reports of these personal commuters setting on fire. So, the best way to stay safe is to stay away from a Hoverboard for good. That is how most of the people perceive the situation. But guys over at BoatsToGo have a different idea to safely ride a hovercraft while adding to its utility. This is HoverSeat personal commuter which is more like a go-kart minus the steering wheel. The Florida-based firm has come up with the idea of attaching a set of rear wheels to the Hoverboard with chassis support for it to carry the weight of a full grown human in a sitting position.
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Volocopter’s VC 200 confirms advent of third dimension to urban mobility

Volocopter personal flying machine

Yesterday, we were talking about Flyboard Air, an hoverboard with jet-turbine beneath it, was tested successfully by Franky Zaparta. It was simply mind blowing to watch human kind achieve such landmark. Anyways, do you remember German company e-volvo’s multicopter named the’ Volocopter’ which the company had begun to test in 2011? In its first manned 90 second flight test, watching a man sitting atop lots of rotors was kind of weird, but you are going to love the refiner version ‘VC 200’ of Volocopter that the company has successfully tested. Read More…

Cycoped: Brain-controlled personal mobility vehicle

Cycoped Brain controlled Personal mobility vehicle

24-year old Pretom Chakraborty from Birmingham has designed a one wheeled personal commuting vehicle that is controlled by brain. Yes, this personal mobility vehicle is dubbed as Cycoped is controlled by the electrical impulses in the brain and the inspiration for making it came from the self-driven hoverchairs shown in the Wall-E movie. Cycoped (a.k.a Ecowheel) connects to the smartphone app and special goggles that register the rider’s brain impulses. The vehicle is also controlled by leaning to one side or the other, pretty similar to how Segway like personal commuters do.
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i-Robot-SC personal transportation vehicle revealed at Interbike Trade Show

X-Robot i-Robot-SC personal mobility vehicle

Shown off at the Interbike Trade Show in Los Vegas, Nevada was an innovative personal mobility two-wheeled transporter by X-Robot called i-Robot-SC. Just like some other personal mobility vehicles this one too looks for easing off our transportation woes. Pitching to its customers with the philosophy of “Going With Your Heart, Show Your Style”, the i-Robot-SC is an intelligent means of transportation with trendy two-wheeled design that keeps your body balanced during commuting courtesy gyroscopic control. The vehicle can hurl up to speeds of 10 km/h and can go around 20 km on one charge. The vehicle is controlled with body movement as your body movement actuates the turning angle and direction of turn.

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