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Interview: Bimal Rajappan, designer of XOR Exoskeleton Rider personal mobility vehicle

Personal mobility concept XOR – Exoskeleton Rider by Bimal Rajappan

Personal mobility is the future of our urban living habits and manufacturers are trying to cash-in on this concept by developing their versions of personal mobility vehicles. An Indian design student Bimal Rajappan has come up with a very convincing conceptualization of Segway-inspired personal mobility vehicle called XOR – Exoskeleton Rider that could certainly be the future of urban personal mobility. We got the chance to get an exclusive interview with Bimal Rajappan who has ingeniously designed his version of Personal Mobility Vehicle that is quite impressive. So here we have the inquisitive queries that came to our mind and Bimal’s reply to those queries.
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CES 2014: Forget Segway as InMotion R1EX impresses personal mobility lovers

InMotion R1EX Personal mobility vehicle

Giving some ray of hope to Segway lovers the InMotion R1EX SCV (Sensor Controlled Vehicle) is the smallest and lightest Deft Sensor Vehicle which won’t burn a hole in your pocket. The USP of this personal mobility vehicle is its ability to be controlled via a mobile app and an electronic SmartKey with the added benefit of being ultra-portable when you want to take it an automobile trunk. On display at the on-going CES 2014 International electronics show, the personal mobility vehicle InMotion R1EX has key features like voice controlled operation, magnesium alloy turning shaft for a lighter steering experience, sensitive footboard for precision maneuverability, ergonomic handlebar, vacuum tires and advanced battery management credentials.

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Indian student designs Segway-style wearable electric personal transporter

Segway-style personal mobility vehicles always tend to look extra geeky to us. For us they are the future of transportation where geeks will get around sans polluting the surroundings. This is exactly what an Indian design student Bimal Rajappan wants to convey with his concept of a Segway-inspired personal mobility vehicle that was the most radical concept at the Design Degree Show organized by IIT Bombay’s Industrial Design Centre in Mumbai. Read More…