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Link AKC smart collar tracks dog’s fitness and location in real-time

Link AKC smart dog collar

We have seen a few technically advanced dog collars, but the Link AKC smart collar has been developed to enhance the bond between you and your dog. Made in collaboration with American Kennel Club (AKC) the smart collar comes packed with normal features of a GPS enabled fitness tracker. The collar features a built-in activity monitor and GPS and has the ability to store information on dog’s veterinary log and its ambient body temperature. With all the information, the dog collar makes it easier for you to take great care of you pooch. Read More…

Pets can see Pokemons and there’s enough photographic evidence!

Pokemon Go and Pets

Pokemon Go has broken all records on the meter for game induced madness, and people are doing over the top things to prove it. Some have quit jobs to be professional Pokemon catchers while others are idiotic enough to play it on the expressway and stop the car midway to cause multiple crashes. Some are even buying specially tailored 3D printed cases to make it easy to catch a Pokemon. Any which way the game is assimilating huge popularity in U.S. and other regions of the world.
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World’s first dog-friendly remote will never let your canine feel bored

Dog friendly TV remote control

PhD researcher at the Animal Computer Design at University of Central Lancashire, Illyena Hirsky-Douglas has collaborated with pet food brand Wagg to create the world’s first television remote for dogs. The dog-friendly television remote comes with extra-large buttons that are easy for the dogs to press with their paws. The color of the remote is specifically chosen as blue and yellow, since dogs are red and green color blind but have very receptive eyesight for blue and yellow. Read More…

World’s first automatic dog washing machine invented by Thai students

Dog washing machine

Did you ever wish there was a dog washing machine so that you don’t have to wrestle with your pet while giving it a good bath? Most dogs wouldn’t mind bathing, but most of them won’t just stay still. This need has inspired some Thai students and teachers to invent a dog-wash machine that’ll do all the washing by itself. The brightly colored machine is made of PVC pipes and has motorized brushes, running water and soap injector for a complete dog wash. Read More…

App connected Canhe-Fit pet collar monitors health and nutrition levels

CanheFit health monitor for pets

You are going crazy about all the fitness and health tracking gadgets in the market, so why not have on for your pet? Yes, a wearable for your loved pets that’ll keep you informed about their nutrition and health. Canhegat, France-based engineering and design company has created a monitoring device for household pets that we’ll see debut at CES 2016. This device is going to be like a pendant which can be attached to the pet’s collar to monitor nutrition, exercise levels and overall health status.
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Never lose your pet ever again with Pod GPS tracking device

Pod GPS tracking device

For pet lovers the fear of losing their best friend can be very traumatic, especially when they get lost. Sebastian Langton had to go through the same experience with his loved cat Ringo, and that is when he decided to team up with Damien Cantelo to develop a GPS tracking device. Hence, came into existence the world’s smallest and lightest GPS pet tracker dubbed Pod that attaches to your pet’s collar for instant tracking via mobile devices. The GPS technology allows you to track your pet anywhere in the world, even if it is a few miles away or in another country for that matter.
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Petcube keeps you connected with your pet even from miles away

Petcube pet monitoring gadget

Petcube, the home gadget for monitoring your pets that became one of the most successful crowdfunded pet surveillance project on Kickstarter is currently on show at Macworld (iWorld) convention. The new age gadget pairs with your smartphone and allows you to see your pet anytime via a wide angle camera capable of streaming HD video, or play with it in unique ways never before possible with pet monitoring gadgets. You can even have a conversation with the pet as the gadget has inbuilt speakers and microphone. One thing that I find very interesting in Petcube is the ability to play with your pet using low-intensity movable laser light controlled with your smartphone from miles away.
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Human-to-Cat Translator lets you meow at your cat

Human-to-Cat Translator app for Android and iOS devices

If you set out to compile a list of all the weird app you’ve used and played with, this one will surely find a mention in the list. Dubbed the Human-to-Cat Translator by Electric French Fries this app claims to analyze human voice and translate most languages into cat meows (now that’s what we all feline lovers just wanted). The Human-to-Cat Translator instantly translates your voice into meows to grab your kitty’s attention instantly. The app comes bundled with over 175 quality samples from more than 25 cats, which is good enough to impress cats of all types, shapes and sizes. Read More…

Smartphone controlled Pet Monitor will never leave your loved one neglected

While you are away from home and your pet(s) are at home, the main concern is how to keep them well fed and also have a look at them whenever you want to. Remoka has come up with a solution to this problem with a product that monitors your pets like cats and dogs at home. The Pet Monitor is compatible with your iOS or Android devices and you can easily observe their activity any time you want on your smartphone. The automatic sensor clicks an image of your pet everytime there is some movement in front of the camera and the night vision shooting also comes in handy. The Pet Monitor also has a self-filling water dispenser and snack holder with a cover that can be opened remotely for feeding. The device is connected to a computer through a LAN cable which provides the feed via the internet on your smartphone.
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