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Samsung Galaxy S8 to have major facelift and hardware changes

Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung suffered a loss of more than $6 billion with the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, and more than that, a permanent tarnishing of global image to their brand. To rectify the situation, Samsung has big plans in mind, and Galaxy S8 smartphone will see a major facelift to place them back on the top position. This is just the tip of the iceberg, as the cosmetic change will surely be accompanied by other hardware changes to make this flagship irresistible.
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Supremo Trump Changeover: Caviar’s gold-plated Donald Trump iPhone 7

Caviar Donald Trump gold plated iPhone 7_2

Caviar, the luxury Russian brand is an expert when it comes to draping iPhones in gold finish with a specific theme. They showed it with the gold-plated Apple Watch having Putin’s signature, and before that with the gold-plated iPhone for Kazakhstan. Now, they have come up with a gold-plated iPhone themed on American president John Donald Trump, and they like to call it the Supremo Trump Changeover.
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Star Wars themed Android phones make debut in Japan

Star wars phone

Star Wars galaxy has come a long way since it was first introduced to us mortals. Back then in the galaxy far, far away there were no phones, but cometh the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story they could be a sight. Sharp is stepping up to please the Star Wars fraternity with two “Dark Side” and “Light Side” smartphones for Japanese Telecom giant SoftBank. Read More…

Star Trek themed Meizu m3e spotted in China

Star Trek Meizu m3e

Phones inspired from some movie or a popular franchise make absolute sense, since the fans are attracted to such offerings. Especially fans who’ll do anything for a themed phone. In the past we have seen Iron Man-themed Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and recently there are rumors in the air about a Batman-themed Samsung Galaxy Note 7. In yet another development, the fresh Meizu m3e is all set to be draped in Star Trek theme. Yes, the phone is rumored to come in Star Trek themed colors and user-interface which is good news for fans in China.
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LeEco Le2S – 8GB RAM phone that’ll put your PC to shame!

LeEco Le2S 8GB RAM phone

Chinese phone manufacturers are making some serious headway when we speak of flagships. I would even go to the extent of saying that they are slowly killing the existing flagships into extinction. That is a heavy statement, but the latest development prompted me to say so. LeEco, the Chinese Technology Company is rumored to be working on an 8GB smartphone model which is most probably going to be their flagship Le2S. Yes you heard it right. 8GB RAM in a smartphone!
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Smart Glow ring – Samsung J2 to debut with feature that abandons LED notifications

Samsung Smart Glow_2

LED notification has been there in Android smartphones for a very long time now. In-fact, all Android users take this feature for granted, but the jinx has lately been broken by Moto G4 Plus which ditched the feature. That said, users do actually love the light notification alert and Samsung instead of giving it up completely has a new take on it. According to GalaxyClub, Samsung is soon going to introduce a new feature called Smart Glow ring instead of LED notifications in its devices.
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Ever wanted to charge your Android phone with an iPhone? Zuo Charge makes it possible

Zuo Charge Midnight Cable S2

Have you ever thought of charging your Android device with iPhone or vice-versa? I bet you haven’t because it’s not possible. Therefore, Spanish firm Zuo Charge comes into picture with its interesting accessory. Midnight Black S2, as they call it, is a Micro-USB to lighting/Micro-USB connector which turns any compatible device into a power bank. Virtually turn any OTG-enabled device into a power bank for emergency charging.
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Sharp’s RoboHon interactive robot is also a smartphone – Price $1,800

Sharp Robohon interactive Robot

Sharp has been in the process of building a smart robot that is blessed with cuteness overload. Now the company has announced that it is taking pre-orders for RoboHon, in Japan of course for starters. That is good news but with a twist. RoboHon is going to burn a hole in your pocket as it is priced at 198,000 Yen (approx. $1,800) which is hard to swallow. And if you remember, this robot also doubles as your smartphone for taking calls.
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MWC 2016: Sony Xperia Series phones are feature enriched and look good

Sony Xperia X Series phones_2

Sony Xperia series has been in murky waters since the last couple of years with sharply declining sales and inability to compete in the market. That could be all be flipped over with Sony’s new Xperia series phones revealed at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona. Sony Xperia X, XA and XA Performance smartphones impressed at the event with their user-oriented features and performance-packed hardware. Probably this could be the seamless opportunity for the company to penetrate highly competitive phone market once again.
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MWC 2016: Modular LG G5 phone with ecosystem of modern accessories will be hard to beat

LG G5 phone

Google is already working on a modular smartphone which is dubbed Project Ara, and we saw Spiral 1, the first working prototype of Google Project Ara almost a year ago. LG however has been working on a more practical approach which they finally revealed at Mobile World Congress 2016. This is LG G5 modular smartphone which goes very well with your urban living and upbeat lifestyle. The flagship device comes with a plethora of accessories having plug-and-play functionality making it a goof prospect for potential buyers.
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