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OvRcharge wireless charger levitates your smartphone in mid-air

OvRcharge levitating wireless charger

Wireless chargers have been around for quite some time now, and there’s nothing special when a new one rises over the horizon. But things are different when a wireless charger levitates you phone in the air. Now, that’s a cool wireless charger to own, don’t you think so? But, there is a downside to the OvRcharge wireless charger too. That being, it charges your phone very slowly while in levitating mode. If you are ready to bear with that hassle, you’ll have a cool looking phone that levitates in mid-air. And mind you, the base can even levitate a light-weight tablet.
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How to build a wireless inductive phone charger

DIY wireless charger

Some people don’t like things of the shelf simply for how convenient they look to use.  Noah Feehan from Makezine is just one amid such people. For some reason, he is not convinced with standard inductive chargers for Qi compatible smartphones. But he doesn’t sit back and lament over it; instead, he collects a few power tools including a CNC mill and sets out to build a wooden Qi charger. The charger is easy to make. Feehan says it’s unusual yet convenient to use and can make a good gift for someone with a Qi-compatible phone. Read More…

Jiffy – World’s smallest hand cranked phone charger with Quick Charge 2.0

jifffy portable hand cranked charger
What modern homo-sapiens seeks in life most; juice for their smart devices? After food, water and oxygen, man would do anything to keep his gadgets running. Well, there is this portable hand cranked USB charger called Jiffy that’ll set you absolutely free from the bondage of wall sockets or chemical batteries for additional charge storage. It’s completely eco-friendly as it doesn’t require any chemical process to generate energy. Read More…

World’s smallest smartphone charger is tailor-made for emergency situations

Nipper worlds smallest phone charger

Nipper is the world’s smallest phone charger

Having gadgets is one things but keeping them juiced is yet another. Many third-party accessories manufacturer have been toiling hard to come-up with portable battery backup solutions for times of desperate need. But all of them are either too bulky or don’t live-up to their claims. So, for situations where you need to charge your phone desperately a new invention has brought some light. A duo of design engineering students, Doug Stokes and Chris Tait from Brunel University London have invented the world’s smallest charger as a part of Makerversity’s Makeathon challenge.
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Bleep smart cable backs up all your smartphone data while charging

Bleep is Smart Charging Cable to Back up Smartphone Data_5

Lost your phone and all important data in the phone’s memory? Don’t worry as Tel Aviv-based Company Musers Ltd. has created a smart solution in the form of Bleep, a smart cable that backs up your smartphone data while charging. So, no need to panic if you ever misplace your phone or if its software crashes down because all your data is stored in the cable itself. It functions like usual phone cable for charging and transferring files between devices, but what makes it unique is its ability to back up phone data as it comes with 16-64GB storage capacity. Bleep can save all your contacts, messages, photos, music, videos, calendar events, WhatsApp history, etc. every time you put your phone on charging. Read More…

Petalite Flux is the world’s fastest external phone charger

Petalite flux battery charger

Charging smartphones consumes lot of our important time. Sometimes during busy schedules we don’t get enough time to charge our devices and have to run the whole day on low battery. As a result we have to avoid lots of important calls and messages. To solve this serious issue, Leigh Purnell, an Aston University graduate have created the world’s fastest external phone charger. Freeing you from the hassle of charging phone for long hours plugged into the socket wall, the smart pocket size device can achieve full charge in just 15 minutes. Dubbed Petalite Flux battery, the power-bank can be used as an external battery source and connected to the phone when it is in desperate need of charging.
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ASMO Charger saves energy and provides fire safety too

ASMO Charger

ASMO Charger is a perfect gadget for people out there who tends to leave their phone charger plugged to the socket when their device isn’t charging. Developed by Finnish Engineer Asmo Saloranta, the Asmo is an energy efficient mobile phone charger which automatically switches off when you unplug your phone and back on also when you reattach it. To start working, the charger uses a small amount of current from the phone and as soon as the battery is full, the charger completely powers off.
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Jackery Leaf doubles as an iPhone case and a portable charger

Jackery Leaf Premium Rechargeable Battery Case

A smartphone has become an integral part of one’s social life in today’s world. It keeps you connected to all your friends and happening from all over the globe. However, the only problems with smartphones is that most of them are fragile and their batteries drain out very fast. Therefore, a portable charger and a solid case has become a necessity for a smartphone. Jackery Leaf, a premium external battery case charger by USA based Technology Company Jackery Inc. combines both these features in one and acts as a phone case and a battery charger too.

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Revolutionary nanotechnology charges smartphone in mere 30 seconds

Storedot Organic phone charger

Charging you gadgets in a matter of seconds could become a reality as an Israeli based company has invented a revolutionary nanotechnology which is a collection of nanodots of biological origin which have enhanced electrode capacitance. Add to that the increased battery life expectancy that can survive thousands of charges and you have a battery charging solution that will ridicule all other methods without question. At Microsoft’s Think Next conference Tel Aviv University revealed its prototype charging device called StoreDot that can juice up your smartphone in just 30 seconds using Multi Function Electrode and that technology could be in your hands come the year 2016.
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Solar-powered Ray Ban sunglasses that charge your iPhone

 Solar-powered Ray Ban charges iPhone

We love clever ideas that are simple to implement and have real applications. Thanks to Mumbai-based designer and advertising genius Sayalee Kaluskar, we have one such gadget to fall for this Christmas. Sayalee has equipped Ray Ban Wayfarer’s temple arms with solar panels wired to a concealed battery to come up with Shama Shades. The solar-powered Ray Ban sunglasses can charge any smartphone with miniUSB or Lightening connector. Read More…