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Make Selfie Arms for yourself if you don’t want to get noticed, WTF!

Selfie Arms_1

To every tourist destination you go, you see people posing with selfie sticks in their hand. Over a short period of time selfie sticks have become a popular accessory for people. But for some reason selfie sticks are banned in certain areas. This is the story of a shy geek named Mansoon who was embarrassed to use selfie stick in public. The solution he came with is cool and funny at the same time. He created Selfie Arms that perfectly blend with his real arms (am I exaggerating it a bit) and lets him take selfies.
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8 unique ways to click selfies and get noticed on social-media

Click selfies

Clicking selfie has become a viral trend in the last year or so, and it makes even more sense if you are a loner and want to capture special moments when no one is around to shoot a photo. Initially, clicking a selfie was a simple as taking out your camera, initiating the front camera and clicking a picture. However, times have changed quite drastically and today is the era of the Selfie Stick. It gives you more freedom to click photos and comes handy for short-armed people who have a tough time composing the frame with their smartphone.
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The Selfie Plant is as self-obsessed as you are!

The Selfie Plant

There is no denying the fact that selfie trend has spread like wild fire across the globe. A self-expression that allows you to express mood and admiration. The trend of clicking selfies has grown so much that it has prompted students at the Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design to create a selfie clicking plant they call “The Selfie Plant”. An attempt to give “The Secret Life of Plants” a whole new meaning, the idea is to show what nature would do if it gets self-obsessed.
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Olympus Air A01 – One of its kind smartphone controlled DSLR camera lens

Olympus Air A01 smartphone controlled DSLR lens

Olympus Air A01 smartphone controlled DSLR lens

In a world dominated by social networks that prompt you to share your life via photographs with your friends, the urge to come-up with eye-catchy photos is in trend these days. Smartphone manufacturers are coming up with photo-centric phones that have excellent picture quality, but to be frank none of them can compete with the DSLR’s. No matter how good a photographer you are, smartphone cameras have their limitations. Keeping this in mind Olympus have come up with a new concept for quality photography with your smartphone.
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UK’s restaurant offers free service for foodies who share picture of their meal

Pay by picture Birds Eye Inspirations

You go out to enjoy a good meal and to your surprise you notice that the meal is going to be free. Now that is interesting as it would bring a smile to your face if you are a foodie. All this is not a gimmick, and is actually true as The Picture House restaurant opening in Manchester’s Pioneer Suite on Canal Street, UK is going to serve free food for its customers. Free food! Well, you would think that it is a crazy decision but the restaurant sees the bigger picture with their new strategy.
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Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder freezes Manhattan city in time

Living Moments - Lumia Arc of Wonder bullet time effect photography

Nokia Lumia 1020 has a 41-Megapixel camera and to explore its capability filmmaker Paul Trillo joined hands with Microsoft to create the Living Moments – Lumia Arc of Wonder. Using the bullet time photography technique, Paul rigged up a contraption with 50 Nokia Lumia 1020 devices in an arc like structure. This 300 pound rig fitted with tires and moved around to random locations in Manhattan city to capture amazing arc like bullet effect photographs with Nokia Lumia’s PureView camera technology.
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iLuv Selfy smartphone case for shooting flawless selfies using rear camera

iLuv Selfy smartphone case

If you are obsessed with taking Selfies, then the chances are that you might never get enough of shooting yourself. The best one can do is to get an accessory that helps you in getting that much craved for picture to become the hot sensation of social-networks. iLuv Selfy smartphone case is the world’s first case cover that has an integrated wireless remote for triggering the shutter button of the phone when using the rear camera.
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Samsung Smart Camera NX Mini shoots perfect Selfies

Samsung NX Mini camera

Selfies are a way to express what you think about yourself, clicking photos till you get the best one to get all the compliments on social networking sites. So amidst all this selfies craze Samsung has launched Smart Camera NX Mini, a camera that specializes in taking your own pictures with the quality that you have always desired. The mirrorless camera is small enough to fit comfortably inside your pocket and the interchangeable lens feature makes it a good one to have as you never know when a selfie is coming along. According to Samsung, this ultra-slim camera is the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera that is made to focus on you from a close distance. Made from solid magnesium body draped in leather material, Smart Camera NX Mini ensures premium quality credentials.

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Japanese Astronaut creates spectacular spiral light paintings aboard ISS

Spiral Top spiral light painting on Internatianal Space Station

If you are an astronaut, and on a mission that requires you to be up in some station for days or even months, there can be times when you don’t do much. There is nothing much to pass your time when you are not amidst a task on-board the station and it can get boring at times. But creativity knocks your head even in zero gravity as one astronaut proved it. Astronaut Koichi Wakata decided to get his creative hat on a-board the International Space Station and made light paintings that you or I cannot make on Earth. Free from any gravity pulling things down, Koichi used a Spiral Top device created by Takuro Osaka which has a tendency to spin around in zero gravity to come up with random patterns. So take a jump and have look at the mesmerizing spiral light paintings created by Koichi Wakata on International Space Station.
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Hassleblad H5D-50c is world’s first 50M medium format camera

Hassleblad H5D-50c camera

Hasselblad is out with the world’s first 50MP medium format camera that uses CMOS sensor technology. Hassleblad H5D-50c camera is going to have 50c capture rate, multi-shot capability, longer shutter speed and much better ISO variation. According to Hasselblad product manager Ove Bengston the camera is well suited for photographers who like more versatile camera options that give them a wide range of photography options while preserving the exceptionally high end image quality. He added by saying that this 50 MP CMOS sensor camera is based on Hassleblad H5D-50 model but will improved capability and improved Live Video in Phocus.
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