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Prynt case turns your smartphone into a Polaroid camera

Prynt smartphone case

Want to turn your smartphone into a cool Polaroid camera that prints instant pictures of precious moments with your friends? Then you got to have a look at the Prynt case that morphs your smartphone into a color printing camera. This cool accessory for your Android or iOS smartphone plugs-in directly to the smartphone and then gives you the option to print any picture that you want instantly, just like a Polaroid camera. In a way you can call your smartphone a Polaroid camera which can print cool colored photographs instantly. Perhaps, the best thing that a selfie enthusiast would want.
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Interview: Robert Macauley, mind behind LifePrint printer for mobile devices

LifePrint photo printer for mobile devices

Robert Macauley with a photo printed by LifePrint

How about printing photos from your smartphone instantly, as and when you click them? The ability to get a quality photo print of your most cherished memory captured in the frame of time? Well, if all goes well for LifePrint WiFi photo printer for Android/iPhone & Instagram on Kickstarter, then this fact could be a normal happening for users worldwide. The ability of LifePrint to connect via Bluetooth extends the possibilities even further as it prints photos to your friend’s LifePrint printer anywhere in the world. All you have to do is send photos directly to LifePrint printer and it is all done.
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Samsung Smart Camera NX Mini shoots perfect Selfies

Samsung NX Mini camera

Selfies are a way to express what you think about yourself, clicking photos till you get the best one to get all the compliments on social networking sites. So amidst all this selfies craze Samsung has launched Smart Camera NX Mini, a camera that specializes in taking your own pictures with the quality that you have always desired. The mirrorless camera is small enough to fit comfortably inside your pocket and the interchangeable lens feature makes it a good one to have as you never know when a selfie is coming along. According to Samsung, this ultra-slim camera is the world’s slimmest and lightest interchangeable lens camera that is made to focus on you from a close distance. Made from solid magnesium body draped in leather material, Smart Camera NX Mini ensures premium quality credentials.

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World’s largest camera shoots enormous photo prints

World's largest camera

When we talk of megapixels and high resolution images, the first that comes to mind is a high end DSLR camera. A small rig holding lens that can shoot unbelievable photographs, but what if the camera is larger than life and shoots humungous photographs that more than meet the eye? After seeing the world’s biggest fully functional Holga camera our thirst for all things big was somewhat satisfied until we saw this gigantic vintage accordion style camera. Made by a photographer Dennis Manarchy this camera is the biggest in the world measuring an amazing 35 feet long and 12 feet tall. And to top it off it is fully functional and can produce 16 by 24 foot prints which is almost equivalent to a two story building. How about that for a shot in high resolution measuring almost as big as it could be when we talk of megapixels in cameras these days.
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Smartphone Remote Control clicks perfect self-portraits

Smartphone Remote Control

Those who love to take their own pictures probably for their social-networking profiles have got one more reason to smile as they can now click their own pictures from 3 meters (in tests it worked from 10 meters too) away, just like you would want them clicked. This hand-free picture taking luxuries come courtesy the Smartphone Remote Control that in conjunction with an app lets you click perfect photos, just like the way you want. The accessory comes with a stand that can be used to position the smartphone in any orientation and then you can click picture with a wireless remote that connects to your smartphone using Bluetooth. So in short Smartphone Remote Control makes your self-clicking woes just disappear and ensures that you don’t spend hours and hours in front of the mirror to click that perfect shot.

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Trend Micro Jewelry Box: Cloud-based photo storage device for gadgets

Trend Micro Jewelry Box

Is photo management from variety of gadgets into one single location becoming tedious task for you? And you want a single-cloud enabled device that could seamlessly manage all your digital photo content from a variety of gadgets like smartphones, laptops, tablets, cameras etc.? Then you wish has just come true as Trend Micro has revealed the Jewelry Box, a cloud-enabled photo management device that supports wireless connectivity and backs-up your precious memories in a safe location. The gadget closely resembles a UFO spaceship design and I wonder why they named it the Jewelry Box!
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What is Bull! CAM CHOBi Pro3 is world’s smallest night vision camera

World’s smallest camera with night vision shooting and many other options is here and it measures no more than a small cookie. What is Bull! CAM CHOBi Pro3 is a strange name for a toy movie camera but it does the job of shooting videos and images quite capably even in pitch dark courtesy its night vision features. The night vision camera weights 41 grams, measures just 17mm x 45mm x 28mm and can shoot videos with resolution of 1920×1080 pixels in full HD format while the image shooting capability increases to 4032×3024 pixels.

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